Mama of many

I have been blessed by Charlotte. I mentioned to her that I would love a neckalce with all the kids’ initials stamped in metal. And Voila! I absolutely love it.It is everything I wanted. It’s beautiful and delicate, but strong.  I love every detail about it. And I love her heart in making it for me! 20157263_309026699558048_4726096687180782400_o

In the kitchen

IMG_7264Remember those days when you’re littles wanted to “help” you cook in the kitchen? Everything would take twice as long and be twice as messy! But it pays off in the long run. I’m blessed to watch my older daughters become efficient and proficient in the kitchen.IMG_6575 And I’m blessed to watch them patiently take the time to teach their younger sister. I made a cake with Ruthie the other day and homemade ice cream with Jack, and it took more patience than I expected.IMG_6589 Mia is much better at including the little ones and letting them get their hands messy than I am. But I like to think that she learned to be that way when I was younger and  teaching her!IMG_6572

More stitching

When my girls were younger I liked to always have them working on some sort of handicraft. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, or something silimar. Now they are all accomplished seamstresses, knitters and more. Ruthie has always watched them work and is now getting big enough for her own projects. She stitched this heart all by herself. Saying “up” and “down” to herself. I would often have to use my finger to guide her needle, but she’ll be churning out hand stitched items by herself in no time! And she’s so proud of herself!IMG_7232

Fresh from the garden

IMG_7019More garden goodness! I harvested my garlic! One of the most fun things to do in the garden. And pulled up the onions. Again, very fun task in the garden. I’m drying them out in the greenhouse, but I think I need to cover the garlic. Does it need to cure in the dark? IMG_7212My greenhouse smells like a town in Italy, though. Heavenly! And check out these carrots! I’ve never grown such nice ones before. (although it strikes me that perhaps I say that every year?) IMG_5904These are tasty! The kids have been eating them right out of the ground, after a quick brush off. And a couple of my cute garden workers! IMG_6623IMG_6630

Off the pier

IMG_7248One of Jack’s favorite things to do here at the farm is to go fishing. There are lots of reeds and brush around the perimeter of our pond, so Jeremie has built this nice pier for us. But last year it was under water so much, the wood rotted away. IMG_7239In preparation for our family reunion, Jeremie bought wood and the kids helped him repair the deck. The kids exihibited great skills with the drill and saw! And they’ve been down there ever since, hoping for a biggun!  IMG_20170703_162729245


I never take my running water for granted. I never take hot water for granted. Because I have been without it. Not very long, mind you. But, I’m weak. A couple days without water turns me stark raving mad. A few weeks without hot water makes me crabby. And we have been having even more water issues lately. Sputtering. No pressure. Clunking noises. IMG_7526Thinking there was a hold in the well pipe, Jeremie and the boys pulled up all 100+ feet of pipe and yes, there was a leak. So they fixed that one. And the one that happened accidentally while it was laying on the ground, and we’ve been enjoying warm, if not hot, running water for days now. Hurray!IMG_7528

Lamb and goat season 2017

IMG_20170701_135956065These girls never cease to amaze me with their hard work, ingenuity, determination and dedication. We’ve never been to so many shows in a season. And at each one, they’ve learned something different. Been encouraged or challenged in some way. Love these life lessons they are learning. IMG_7578Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. But they are always gracious, always looking to improve, always encouraging to others. IMG_7565Lately, Charlotte’s lamb is a looking a little overconditioned. That’s a showmanship way of saying it’s fat! TEalier in the season, she and Katie bought a treadmill of of Craigslist for $50.IMG_20170713_145119257_HDR This weekend Jeremie helped them build a cage around it, so they could exercise their animals. IMG_20170713_134557546_HDRHaha! We will see if it works. Seems like a good idea, though! Just a couple more shows  until we close out the 2017 season!IMG_20170717_205726823_TOP


Even though the first hog for our hog roast didn’t turn out as planned, Jeremie was ready for another go at it. All his brothers were here, so it was a much easier task of lifting the carcass into the scalder.IMG_7437 All the cousins were interested to see how it was done. Our young nephew, Matthew , even tried to stick the pig himeslf. It was a little to hard, though. And our neice, Autumn, took part in the eviscerating commenting, “if I’m going ot eat it, I’d better help out with this part, too!” It was a great learning experience for the city folk, lol! And sweet success! It tasted wonderful.IMG_7442 Jeremie did have to trouble shoot a few things because the carcass was much too large for our smoke pit. It almost caught fire again, but Jeremie’s quick thinking took care of the problem. He will have to adapt our pit for next time. All the aunts helped to shred the pork.IMG_7445 Perhaps they thought Jeremie needed some new tools because a few days later a package arrived in the mail. It was addressed to “Pigslayer Schultz” and inside were some BBQing gloves and claws for shredding the meat. Thank you to the anonymous sender! Jeremie can’t wait to try them out! IMG_20170714_122415685