Hunny Bunny

rabbits 005My bunnies are sure happy running around in their tractor through our back yard. Look at all that clover for them to feast on! I actually have 16 rabbits in there, so it’s a bit more crowded than the picture shows.:)clover yard 001

Weekly Garden Update 7-27-14

This week…. carnage.corn,berries and more 013 Racoons and opossums have found the corn. We enjoyed a few meals with sweet corn on the cob, then the next day I found this.corn,berries and more 011 I am not sure what to do differently next year to avoid this problem. I don’t want to pick more corn than we can eat in a meal at one time. But as soon as it is ripe, the varmints attack. Tommy set a trap with a freshly caught fish in it, hoping to catch something, but no luck so far. One night I went to the garden late in the night to turn the soaker hose off, and I saw two raccoons eating the corn. I hollered for Jeremie, but he didn’t hear me. By the time I went to the house to get him and his gun, the looters were long gone. The next night, he shot one perpetrator, but most of the damage had already been done. Onto happier news, we are enjoying fresh melons! corn,berries and more 008And salsa! corn,berries and more 019And ketchup! corn,berries and more 010My pumpkin vines have suddenly started to look like this. corn,berries and more 015Do they have a fungus or mildew? Or is this simply what happens when most of the pumpkins are turning orange? Two nights this week we had nothing but garden veggies for dinner… beets, potatoes, beans, cukes, corn, tomatoes. Every single one of my kids wondered out loud..”where’s the beef?” Insatiable carnivores, lol!  corn,berries and more 009

What stinks !!??

garlic 003Have you ever canned garlic? It is easy, so easy to do! I really have no good way to store garlic. It always seems to dry and shrivel up. So I kept back a little over half of my garlic that I harvested earlier this summer, but then I minced and canned the rest. Do you see that some of the “cloves” of garlic are more like the size of an onion? garlic 002Why would that be? So anyway, I peeled the garlic (with my fantastic helper!), garlic 003minced it and put it into the jars with a mixture of water, vinegar and salt. Into the water bath canner for 5 min. and done! This will be so easy to use all winter long, while we wait for our next great garlic harvest. Altogether I put up 24 4oz. jars. We’ll see how long it lasts. All the next day my house reeked of spicy garlic. It was wonderful. garlic 006

Weekly garden update 7-20-14

Photography by Lunatic #1, Jeremie

Photography by Lunatic #1, Jeremie

Not to much to share this week. The pumpkins are turning orange. garden 028Everyday the kids go out there to check on them. And to check on the huge 024 They have been the most fun to grow. We are still harvesting cukes, beans, squash, zuchini, peppers and tomatoes. We have picked off a couple tomato horn worms, but haven’t seen too much damage. And the horn worms had these weird white things on them. I am told those are beneficial and will eventually kill the worm. Maybe I should have left them alone, but I wasn’t for sure, so I squished it. I have put in a fall crop of carrots, chard, spinach, beets and corn. garden 034This is my view as I sit in the shady corner of my garden. My quiet place. garden 037

Mr. Fix-it

We seem to have an array of broken items at our house. Broken cars, broken tractors, broken trailers, broken bikes, broken fences, broken boats, etc. ad nauseam. But, lucky for us, we also have a house full of handy men and boys. Today Jimmy (6) and Benja (4) joined the ranks of “useful people”. This tractor toy has been broken for months. The chain that is housed inside the came off. Benja decided today was the day he was going to fix that thing. He took off some items and with a little help from Jimmy, proudly came and told me that he had fixed the tractor. And sure enough, he did! I had watched him, through the window, whacking away at that thing with a screwdriver, so I was quite surprised that now it actually works. tractortoy

I Can!

Fruit from a friend was begging to be made into jam. I’ve never made plum jam, never even eaten it. But these plums have been calling me from the refrigerator for over a week. Finally, today, a nice cool day, I got out the canner and set to work. It was suprisingly easy. All it took was time. Time to simmer the fruit, time to strain the fruit, time to thicken the jam, time to admire the glowing garnet jar of jam. food and canning 002 food and canning 005 food and canning 012

Also, the tomatoes have been coming in the garden. Not enough to can, but more than enough for eating fresh. Not too many of us here like fresh tomatoes, kind of odd, I know. And who doesn’t loathe and dread blanching, peeling, straining and canning tomato sauce, tomato paste, pizza sauce and all the yummy things made from tomatoes. Now I’ve adopted this easy peasy method of preserving tomatoes. Toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper, roast them in the oven on high enough heat to blister the skins, and whiz them up in the blender. Now they are ready to be canned as sauce, or made into marinara, or ketchup. The roasting gives a deep, fire-roasted flavor that I love. I don’t roast them quite this much when I am making ketchup because I want a light, bright flavor for that. But pizza sauce? Delic. food and canning 015 food and canning 017 food and canning 018food and canning 014

Weekly Garden Update 7-13-14

Psalm 128:2 – You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be 002I found these interns from wwoof – worldwide opportunities on organic farms; an organization dedicated to matching organic farmers with young farmers interested in learning and volunteering their time.july 9 034 These interns have been with us a few years now and our farm wouldn’t be the same without them. Always willing to work at whatever is going on, they agree harvesting is one of the most fun things to do in the garden. We pay them their room and board and a few perks along the way. We look forward to continuing our relationships with these special people and hope they will join us in our future farming endeavors. If you are looking for a little help on your organic farm, give wwoof a try. Although I cannot guarantee that you will be as blessed as we were in finding good help.july 9 018 july 9 022 july 9 031 july 9 012 july 9 001 july 9 025

The Capp Crew

We were so excited to welcome our northern friends down to our southern homestead again this year! Joe is one of Tommy’s very best friends, something about their personalities just clicks. During this visit they were busy fishing (Joe was born with a fishing pole in his hands) and building a chipmunk trap. capp visit 029 capp visit 001The girls kept busy riding horses, entertaining little ones, baking tarts and in the evening we all went to an outdoor movie in the park. Their visit was too short, but we hope to see them again soon!capp visit 032