I relish this recipe

garden 007These bright peppers have been made into something wonderful! I love all these gorgeous colors. This recipe was shared by a friend and is easy and quick to put together (provided you have a food processor). relish

Sweet Pepper Relish

24 colorful peppers

5 white or red onions

1 apple (optional)

1 pint sugar (or honey)

1 pint vinegar (apple cider or white)

Chop peppers and onions. Cook with vinegar and sugar until softened. Pack into jars and put into the water bath for 5 min.

It’s the only thing that make hot dogs palatable!

A Riddle #2

The answer to last week’s riddle (submitted by Jimmy)…

“Where do cows go for fun?”      the MOOOOvies!

But all answers will be entered into the drawing because we thought all the answers were funny!

This week’s riddle submitted by Katie…

What’s the difference between Ignorance and Apathy?

Thanks for participating!

What’s for dinner?

Do you hear that question 1500 times a day? When you don’t know the answer, it is even more irritating to hear it. And it’s hard to plan what’s for dinner when your recipes are all in disarray. Am I the only one who prints off promising looking recipes from the interent or my favorite mommy blog and then stuffs them into a folder never to be seen again? Who can’t recreate a favorite meal because I can’t remember which recipe I used and where it is? Tell me I not. Mia is eternally frustrated by my recipe organizational skills. She has tried to whip me into shape before, but it didn’t stick. My mom gave me a recipe binder with all my favorites in it one year, but it is falling apart at the seams and is hopelessly stuffed with papers and recipe clippings. Tonight, all that changes! From here on out, I will be reformed. I promise, Mia. She has helped me organize, weed out, and put into page protectors all our favorite recipes. So at least when I don’t know the answer to “what’s for dinner” I can tell her to go make something from the “dinner” part of the recipe binders. recieps

Warning: graphic post

castrating 001We’ll make this quick, since we’ve covered it before. Castrating. Never fun. Has to be done. This time it went fairly quickly. I can say that because I wasn’t the one holding the piglets.. this time. Jeremie anticipated quite a bit more struggling than last time because these pigs were quite a bit older. But, even he agrees, this went smoothly with much less struggle than he anticipated. But I was still glad I didn’t have to help.castrating 005



The last days of summer

Isn't Tn gorgeous?

Isn’t Tn gorgeous?

The summer has flown by for the kids and me. It seems only yesterday that we were packing away our winter things, and now fall is quickly coming. Our friends invited us for a last summer hurrah. It was a beautiful day to take advantage of their beautiful pool. The kids had a blast and wore themselves out. Jack just liked to sit on the ladder bossing everyone around. Summer, don’t leave us just yet.jones 008

A riddle

So my kids are hoping to get more readers to comment on the blog. They love to see “who’s been here?!” They want to have a weekly riddle contest. Every week we will post a riddle. Every right answer will be entered into a drawing. At the end of the month we will pick a winner. The prizes will be things like an embroidered dish towel, hand knit washcloth, wooden puzzle, soap, candy etc… So, go ahead, make my kids’ day and comment with your answer! We will pick a winner the end of Sept since Aug is almost over.

“Where do cows go for fun?”

Weekly Garden Update 8-17-14

garden 002The great pumpkin harvest! These were so much fun to grow and they will be so much fun to decorate with this fall. The kids have already been planning on how they are going to carve them. We need your help, Bompa! This week we took out all the watermelon, cantelope and pumpkins. garden 011

Ready for the freezer!

Ready for the freezer!

They were so easy to pull up, but not so easy to drag away. garden 007With the mulch there have been no sprouting weeds on the hillside yet, after a week. I can picture this ground covered with all my fall greens. Can’t wait! garden 013Something is eating my corn. What could it be? I’ve seen a cucumber beetle on them, but I can’t imagine they could be doing all that damage? garden 026My corn is growing at such different rates, some is really nice and high, some is still so short. It is evident where the soil had been improved from our raised beds.garden 020 The tomatoes are just about done. garden 022I’ve got a couple more batches of ketchup and sauce to can, then I’ll pull them out.garden 027 We are still getting monster zucchini which the pigs are loving. The sweet potatoes are looking really good. I’ve dug around a few plants and can see huge tubers. They will be fun to harvest. garden 014Baby kale growing well in the wood chips.garden 015 Luffa Gourds. Getting ready to make round soap with imbedded luffa sponge! Look for it at Christmas time! garden 018

Pay day!


Our kids received a lot of ribbons and awards for the crafts they entered into the fair. This year’s check was the biggest they’ve ever received. It was a win-win-win situation. They loved doing the crafts, they loved displaying their crafts, and they love the pay-off!IMG_6776