Been working in the greenhouse! I love to be in that warm area, with the sun shining and kids playing in the dirt beside me. IMG_20171111_105854051I transplanted the last cherry tomato vine that was a volunteer from the chicken coop area. I planted the main stem in a trench for stronger, more plentiful roots.IMG_20171111_110557790 Then I stuck a few sprigs into deep holes as well. We will see which ones grow better. Home grown tomatoes in January sound pretty yummy to me! Then I transplanted some spinach and romaine seedlings.IMG_20171111_111820008_HDR Look at the root systems on these tiny plants! I hope they do well!  And, yup! My tools of choice for this kind of work are chopstix and a cuticle pusher from my cosmetology stash! IMG_20171111_113507973


IMG_20171109_210338030Livestock judging competition Parsons, Tn 2017

Katie got 2nd in Senior High, her team got 1st overall

Charlotte got 1st in Junior High, her team got 1st overall

There were about 90-100 kids in each division and about 25 teams in each division.

I love that they can do this together. Learn and practice and discuss together. That, to me, is far more important than any award they receive. But they have put in many hours of hard work and practice and I’m sure they are happy to score so well! IMG_20171109_210233702_TOP


IMG_20171103_150409615A living piece of history. An elderly neighbor passed away a few months ago. She had the most gorgeous peony bushes in her yard. And the prettiest hydrangea bush! So, I met her grand-daughter there this week, before the house was auctioned, to dig up a some flowery love. Actually, Jeremie did the digging and I did the directing. She went home with a piece of her grandma and I was blessed to, also. I have a couple big root pieces of the hydrangea planted in a planter. IMG_20171103_145920217But I also took some cuttings from a branch with new growth. I stuck them in moist dirt and will keep an eye on them. According to pinterest, these should root and grow into a plant. The peonies, will need to be put in the ground soon, but their bare roots should take off in the spring. We bought a few things at JoEtta’s auction, but my favorite piece of her will be planted here, on the farm!  IMG_20171103_150100862


Usually, I’m not thrilled with devotional books. Most authors seem to be drowning in a lack of firm doctrine. I enjoy the fellowship of being in a Bible study and I enjoy the deep conversations that occur when certain subjects are explored. But usually, I find the books themselves to be lacking. Not so this time. I have only perused this book, but I’ve listened to the author speak a couple times and I’m intrigued.  Looking forward to digging into this study!IMG_20171102_191448997


Whew! It has been a long 4 days. We keep our steers over on the neighbor’s property (with his permission) most of the year. He only uses the land for hunting, so now that it’s hunting season, we bring them back to our land. Which means it’s “go” time, regarding fence repairs. These kids have been working with Jeremie for four days and the steers have been moved! Let’s celebrate at Culvers!!! I don’t know if that quite covers the misery most of them are in, though. They are covered in poison ivy!! IMG_20171103_194255


The more I learn about gut health, the more intrigued I am. It affects practically EVERY area of your health. Sleep. Hormones. Cravings. Energy levels. Digestion. Allergies. Weight. Skin. I remember long, late nights googling words like thryoid funtion, adrenal fatigue, post partum depression and more. I would end the night more confused that I started and I ended up buying supplements “here and there” based on the recommendation of “someone” or some blog or article. Only to reach the end of the bottle, not really sure if it helped or not. I felt like I was wasting time, money and energy. I love that Plexus addresses root issues and is a comprehensive regime that is made to work together. Now I know that tumeric needs to be taken with a fatty omega to be more utilized by the body. I know that a pinch of sodium makes the magnesium more effective. And having a balanced body is amazing, let me tell ya. Jeremie’s energy levels are amazing. His stamina and blood sugar balance have never been better. This pregnancy of mine has been fabulous in terms of energy, sleep, aches and pain, nausea (none!). So praising Jesus, that He put Plexus in my life and that my family’s health has never been better!