building our raised beds

When we first moved here we couldn’t decide where to put our garden. That indecision cost us a whole years worth of harvest. We’ve moved our garden to a south sloping hill that is hidden from the road by a thick tree-line. Now I don’t have to get dressed up to go work in the garden. No on can see me out there in my pjammies. We like the square foot garden method of gardening and did that when we lived in the suburbs. The challanges of doing it here on our homestead are mainly financial. The cost of wood to make as many beds as we’d like is outrageous. And the cost of material to fill the beds is as well. But we have a friend who owns a lumber mill and he allowed Jeremie to come pick through a pile of free wood and Jeremie found enough to put together 25-30 beds.GardenBoxes (7)

So we ordered a load of peat moss and vermiculite from the lcoal farmer’s co-op and it was delivered on a huge flat bed truck.

All we needed now was compost and lots of it. Thankfully our dairy farmer friends had a huge pile of composted manure.

We rented a dump trailer and picked up several loads of it. They worm their animals naturally so we weren’t worried about putting the manure in our garden. Then came the huge job of mixing it all together and filling the boxes.

Even the littlest ones helped!

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