Chicken / Rabbit Tractor 3/4″ PVC

I built a rabbit tractor previously that was 30 tall with no permanent top that we put a tarp over 3/4’s of the top. It used all fittings from Lowes. They did not have the 4-Way Tees at Lowes. So I used more of the Tees and more joints. The plans got thrown out, (I won’t say who did that), so this time around I ordered the parts I really wanted to use from ebay. They are furniture grade so that they should resist the Sun light better. Time will tell if that is a problem. The rain and wind are sometimes issues with the tarp. I also do not like that it is not totally enclosed. Our dog that disappeared would jump in and kill rabbits.

The new one I built is a 5′ x 10′ x 2′ tractor for 50 broilers. I built it to be able to be used for rabbits also. It has a hinged opening and sheet metal roof over 2/3’s of it.

ChickenTractorPVC-Plan PDF plans, click above.

Shopping list with links below. You may be able to find the parts cheaper elsewhere. The furniture grade PVC fittings are a little longer than the regular PVC fittings, but the dimensions in the plans will work out either way because the overlap of the furniture grade ones is just longer than the regular ones. The measurements for the PVC in the plans above are the actual cut lengths. That is why the dimensions appear to measure part of the fitting.

Here is a picture of the finished product.

Very odd breed of chickens in there

Very odd breed of chickens in there

Parts needed:

(14) pieces of 10′ SCH 40 PVC 3/4″

(8)  Corner Elbows Cxx-  3/4″ 3-way Elbow PVC Connector Fitting – Furniture Grade

(12) FourWay Fxx- 3/4″ 4-Way Tee PVC Connector Fitting – Furniture Grade

(6) Tees Txx – 3/4″ Tee PVC Connector Fitting – Furniture Grade

(2) Hinges Hxx- 3/4″ Slip Sling Tee PVC Connector Fitting – Furniture Grade

(2) Crosses FWxx – 3/4″ Cross PVC Connector Fitting – Furniture Grade

(6) Elbows Exx – LASCO 3/4-in Dia 90-Degree PVC Sch 40 Slip Elbow

40′ of 24″ chicken wire

approximately 80″ x 60″ of sheet metal I had laying around was used for the top. I bent it to overlap part of one side to give them a little more shelter on that side. Maybe I will get a better picture and post it later.




2 thoughts on “Chicken / Rabbit Tractor 3/4″ PVC

    • This is Molly, the wife. It did fantastic!!! No more chasing around flying parts in the wind and rain. We did keep a five gallon bucket on the corner of the roof filled with water with a tube running down to the inside waterer. We filled it in the morning, so it was usually pretty low in the evening. My point being that it did provide extra weight some of the time, but not during the usual evening/nighttime storms. HTH!

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