Oregon PowerNow 40V Chainsaw CS250 Review


CS250 Chainsaw by Blount, Inc.

I love this saw. Hope that says enough.

I don’t tire out my arm trying to get the motor to start. I don’t smell like exhaust fumes when I am done cutting. I don’t have to remember to run the gas out if I am not going to use it for a while. I don’t have to wear ear protection. I don’t have to listen to any noise between cuts. I don’t have to hand sharpen chains.¬† I get to cut, cut, and cut.

I have cut down trees that were about 10″ in diameter. Worked great. I have been mostly using it to clear fence lines of small trees that have grown up over the years. I am so impressed with how easy and fast it cuts through. I had read reviews that it does not cut very fast. It has not slowed me down any.

While it does not take gas, you do still need quality bar/chain oil. If you fill up the tank on the side, it seems to last through 3 batteries worth of use. There is a nice clear bar chain oil level indicator on the side of the chain so it is easy to keep track if you are low on oil.

The saw weighs about 12 pounds with the batteries. The battery is probably about half of that weight.

I have the endurance batteries which are rated at 2.4AH / 89WH at 37V. The model is B400E. I get about 30 minutes of continuous cutting with a battery.


B400E 2.4 AH Endurance battery

The C600 charger takes about 2 hours to fully charge a battery. I have 3 batteries, so if I put the first battery on the charger after it is dead, it is just about ready by the time I have the other two batteries used up. I usually don’t cut continously (have to move the fallen trees/logs), so the total time I


Side cover removed so you can see how the PowerSharp curved stone engages the chain.

have is probably about double of the actual battery run time. I am hoping to get a fast charger C750 in the future. The fast charger can charge the endurance batteries in 30 minutes.

The saw has the PowerSharp feature built-in. I hate dull chains so this feature is great. The teeth on the Powersharp chains are filed on the top, not underneath like a conventional chain. Powersharp uses  a curved sharpening stone that sharpens the blade by pulling on the red handle for 3 to 5 seconds while you pull the trigger of the saw. Sparks fly out and the chain has a new edge. This really helps with battery life as a dull chain will drain the battery much faster than a dull one. Although the chains stay sharp for a very long time.

I am hoping that they will come out with a pole saw that uses this battery system. There is already a string line trimmer and hedge trimmers that use this battery system. I do not own either of those at this time.

The one negative I have heard about these saws is that the hand brake gets oil and/or debris in the mechanism and will not work properly. The reviSAM_2088ewers complained about having to send it in under warranty to get fixed and then a few months later having to send it in again.

I have had this happen to my saw. I tend to like to fix things myself. So I took the saw apart to find out where the problem was. The fix ended up being very easy once I found out how to access the area that gets gummed up. The owner’s manual should include the procedure for cleaning this area out and save the owner the frustration of having to send it in for repair, when it should be routine maintenance. My post here has the procedure so that you will not have to dismantle your whole saw.

Would I recommend this saw to my friends, you bet. I love this saw. My pull string arm is really loving this saw.

Below are a few more pictures of the saw and batteries from different angles. I hope you have as good as success as I have had with this saw.



B400E 2.4 AH Endurance battery



Bottom of Saw

SAM_2089SAM_2093 SAM_2094 SAM_2096



4 thoughts on “Oregon PowerNow 40V Chainsaw CS250 Review

  1. Thank you for the review. I ordered the chainsaw and a battery included. I am curious should I have ordered the charger too. Thanks for your info on maintenance of the break. Have a good day.

  2. If it came with a battery then it should have the charger also. The new fast charger c750 I got for last Christmas is awesome. Well worth the cost. With 3 batteries and the fast charger it would be difficult to run out of power.

  3. Anyone out there have success in opening the PowerNow 40V battery pack. I suspect there is something inside out of alignment or a frayed connection. Yes, four screws are out and a little tapping did not provide any obvious method of access. And the little tool I created to fit into the two holes at the front of the battery pack’s top have not released anything obvious. Thanks, you do it yourself repair folks.

    Boerne, Texas

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