More compost

Another wagon train. wpid-img_20140426_111545759-1024x576.jpgThis time we were hauling away cow manure and bedding. This stuff was wet and heavy. We just piled it into the garden to compost further. It is too hot to plant in right away. I did chuck a few zuchini seeds into the pile just to see if they would grow. I plan to let this pile sit and rot til fall. Usually our animals are out on pasture most of the winter and I don’t get a chance to collect all this manure. But because our winter was so harsh, we had them penned up by the barn for quite a while. So in preparation for the fair hogs that we’ll be getting this next week, we needed to clean out this area of all the nasty soiled straw and hay. My sister gave us her wagon when her kids outgrew it. I am sure it much preferred its old job of pulling kids around the block than pulling manure around our farm.

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