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Peach Leather… one of our favorite ways to preserve peaches. Ingredients? Peaches (a whole blenderful) and a dollop of honey. peach leather

Blueberries! Picking berries with friends. One of my favorite things to do. And visiting with our crazy friend, Mr Tom. This year, he sent us home with a small deep freezer. Isn’t he sweet? The berries were not the best this year. Usually we can pick about 12 gallons in an hour. This year it took us almost 2. He said with all this rain we’ve been having the berries are growing to fast and the skins are splitting. And he’s battling birds. He doesn’t want to spray and poison the berries and I can appreciate that :)berries 005

Installing a gate opener. No one will appreciate this more than Tommy. He is our resident gate opener. Numerous times he has been awoken from a deep sleep in the car to have to brave the elements, weather (ha!) it be rain or snow, to open the gate manually. Now with a mere touch of a button the gate smoothly opens itself. Except that with all the rain the post the gate is attached to has shifted and the gate started dragging on the ground, not a week after it’s installation. And except that someone accidentally washed the remote opener through the laundry. But I am sure after all that is fixed, it will be wonderful, lol! Jeremie went to town today and I was stuck at home because the gate doesn’t open manually anymore. I had to go out the side gate into woods to even take the kids for a walk in the stroller!gate 001

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