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IMG_20150224_135933650_HDRWhile my parents were here we also enjoyed a trip to the Discovery Museum in Union City Tn. There was a fantastic mix of history, kid activities, exhibits, hands on fun and information. IMG_2100The boys liked to see all the cars, war machines, and water play.

Do you see the silhouettes behind them?

Do you see the silhouettes behind them?

The girls really enjoyed the sticky sand and the Titanic exhibit. Mom really enjoyed the living histories playing on video of WWII veterans. We all really enjoyed the “tower” which was free that day! We travelled up 200 feet and looked down through the glass floor and stood outside on the balcony!IMG_2283 Well, ok, I didn’t really enjoy that part. And the titanic exhibit was fabulous. We all received an “identity card” that told us the personal information about an actual passenger. Then after the tour, we could look up our person and see if “we” survived. It had a way of making the tragedy more real, I think. The cost of the first class cabins was outrageous… over $100,000 in today’s money. The whole tour was fascinating, but just so unbelievably sad and tragic. IMG_20150224_151146264There was a great place for little kids to play, which was good because Ruthie did not like her stroller that day, or the Ergo. There was dress up, sticky sand, cars, mats and more. We visited there a couple times.IMG_2099 Another fun place at the museum was the water/building center. Using PVC pipe the kids could make fountains, arranging them however they conceived.

All the "kids" enjoyed the pvc fountain creations :)

All the “kids” enjoyed the pvc fountain creations :)

A water vortex, boat races, river tunnels kept us all entranced…and very wet. It was a fabulous day!IMG_2246

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