Creative Outdoor Play

A friend brought us some mulch for the mud kitchen area.

A friend brought us some mulch for the mud kitchen area.

You all know by now how much my children love to play outside. They are genuine, rough and tumble, outdoor hooligans. We didn’t fit in very well in our old neighborhood of manicured lawns. Truly, I have allowed and even encouraged it since day one. I always tell the kids that it’s healthy to eat a little dirt. My girls have been concocting and brewing all sorts of potions and teas and delightful salads for years, using weeds, dirt, or whatever they could find and pick from the neighbor’s flower beds.IMG_7824 So I knew how much they would enjoy have an area for their “cooking”. Jeremie hooked up this recycled sink so the faucet really works, and we have picked up bowls and utensils and most importantly, knives, from garage sales and thrift stores.IMG_7850 Roo cannot reach the counter area very well, yet, but we did that on purpose because she loves to smash other’s creations as much as she likes to make her own.IMG_7843 This gives them a safe place for creating and soon, Roo will have a long work surface that is just her height. But for now, a stool is all she needs to get cookin’. All the kids have been enjoying it and I have loved watching them play. Petits fours wrapped in monkey grass, anyone?IMG_0440

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    • The kids have totally loved it! It took some persuasion to get your brother to agree to something that would generate more “mess” but he did a fantastic job and they play in it all the time. I do have to watch that Roo doesn’t get their huge butcher knife that they use to cut up greens 🙂

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