Itchy, itchy

Benjamin has been clearing fence line with Jeremie. Our fences are covered with poison ivy vines. Despite washing right away with jewelweed soap right away, poor Benja’s back developed quite a rash.poinson ivyI have jewelweed salve, but it wasn’t helping much. After perusing pinterest for poison ivy remedies I put together a little healing spray. Witch Hazel, Almond oil, 50 drops of DoTerra Joyful blend and 10 drops each frankincense and lavender oil. I sprayed it on three times a day, despite loud objections from Father. This is how it looked 4 days after treatment began.IMG_8287Much better, but still a little healing to go. It was nice to have the remedy in a liquid form that could be sprayed. It was much easier to apply than a salve.

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