Some friends of ours offered to let us come pick some of their sweet corn from a large field that their extended family had planted. They had done a mega-day of shucking, cutting, freezing, and processing and were back in their home state of Alabama.IMG_9022 We were only too glad to come enjoy the fruits of their labor seeing as how the racoons are eating more of my corn in the garden than we are. We waited until after 4 in the afternoon to pick, thinking it might be cooler, but not a chance. We sweated and toiled (although not very hard) under the late afternoon sun.

Why aren't YOU picking?!

Why aren’t YOU picking?!

It didn’t take long and when we were loading the corn in the van we counted 465 ears! We have been busy shucking, washing and cutting these beautiful white ears of corn. IMG_9024Smothered in butter, creamed, in soups, there is no shortage of ways we enjoy this delicious vegetable. We are so thankful for friends who share their harvest with us less fortunate gardeners :)

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4 thoughts on “Suh-weeeeet!

  1. Jealous! Racoons got ALL of our corn. We didnt’ get a single ear. They also got our neighbor’s corn (he had about 3x as much as us). Idk why the critters are so ruthless this year over here 😛 Happy for your family though! What a blessing!

  2. We were so grateful because the coons had gotten most of our corn in the garden as well. The kids just caught a racoon yesterday, so maybe my last planting of corn will be safe.

  3. YEAH! So glad you were able to get a lot! It was just going to go to waste. My dad always over plants- plants extra for the coons & coyotes. :o)

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