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Probiotics. Millions of them. That’s what we’re growing here today. There’s nothing healthier than a jarful of fermented, raw sauerkraut. And few things as tasty! All of the kids like this tangy, sour treat. And making it yourself is easier than you think. It’s very difficult to grow cabbage here in the south because it grows best in a long cool spring. But I found a beautiful head at the farmer’s market and Charlotte has been asking for sauerkraut, so I snatched it up. IMG_9076Simply chop it up, sprinkly a couple tablespoons of salt on it, let it sit for a few hours and then put it in a clean jar. Pound it down making sure the juice that is released covers the cabbage. There are some recipes that call for whey, or carroway seeds, but we don’t like the results of those recipes. So we make it plain and simple with just salt. Let it sit at room temp for a couple to three days, depending on how sour you like it. I recently purchased a “pickle-pro” which is a contraption that fits on a mason jar and keeps out any yucky mold or fungus. But I have fermented veggies for years without one and very rarely did I have a mold problem. And if mold develops, you can just skim it off and use the good stuff underneath. We like to eat this as a side to any dinner, on hotdogs or burgers, instead of pickles, and in salads. It is full of healthy bacteria that is so good for your gut!

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