Fall is for apples!

IMG_0066What’s better about fall than making applesauce with all those gorgeous fall apples??!!! My recipe is a little complicated, but oh! so worth it. Follow the recipe carefully for some of the most delicious applesauce you’ve ever eaten. IMG_0070I’ve been told it tastes like apple pie filling, but better! Wash, peel and slice your apples. Cook them over med high heat in a covered stock pot. When soft, add 2 tsp of cinnamon. Voila! That’s all. It truly is delicious applesauce. We like to leave it chunky, full of tasty bits of apple. IMG_0064Can it in a water bath canner for 20 (for quarts) and you’ll be able to enjoy this special treat all winter long. I also freeze some, to no ill effect, for a different option. I used all the cores and peelings to make apple juice. It was a breeze in my steam juicer!IMG_0176

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