Showered with love

IMG_2900A very dear friend of mine recently blessed me immensely by hosting a baby shower. Yes, a baby shower for my 10th baby! It was such a celebration of love and anticipation for this new life we’ve been gifted with.IMG_2846 It was technically a “baby sprinkle” complete with freshly made donuts and coffee. It was fabulous that both my sisters and my mom were able to come into town to enjoy this special event.IMG_2856 Most of the pictures were “action shots” but here’s a glimpse of the goodness of my friends and family!IMG_3243

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5 thoughts on “Showered with love

  1. So sweet that people around you support you! I don’t really need anything for this baby but it would be nice to just ‘feel the love’ :) So sad that so many do not see children as a blessing :( Congrats! When r u due again? I’m end of Jan (which means Feb since all of mine have been a week + late).

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