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Katie was honored to perform her speech at the regional contest for 4H down in Lexington, Tn. Only 3 kids were asked to go from our county. The competition was fierce, but the experience was so valuable. Public speaking is always scary, but it gets easier every time and is such a great skill to possess. We hope our kids grow up to be bold speakers, able to communicate clearly. Through them, the world can be changed, people can be reached with the gospel, lives can be transformed.IMG_2114Ruthie has been growing by leaps and bounds it seems. She loves to clean and help around the farm. Recently she has insisted on washing the table after meals. Her short little arms don’t reach very far but she doesn’t let that stop her. She just climbs right up and wipes all the mess away 😉IMG_2106A couple of the girls received shrinky dink paper for Christmas. Far from the lame my little pony/colored pencil craft I remember from my childhood, there are all sorts of cool jewelry and stuff one can make with it. Recently they’ve been churning out everything monogrammed. I like the Southern quote, “if it’s not moving, monogram it”! IMG_20160213_160214913

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