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IMG_2273For the past couple of weeks there has been much going on in the garden. Last month the kids and I spread all sorts of leaf mulch over the entire area. I’d love to have wood chips, but the city guys brought leaf mulch this time. The worms love a good chopped up leaf mulch and it does a fair job of keeping the moisture in, so onto the garden it goes! IMG_2262Whenever wood chips come, they will go on top of this mulch. That’s the beauty of Back to Eden gardening. Whatever you have on hand, spread. There is no mixing, tilling, digging. It’s all about laying down a cover, layer by layer. Everyone got in on the action, even the littlest Gloria enjoyed a day out in the sun.IMG_2263 All the seedlings have been set out….lettuces, kale, spinach, kohlrabi (one of my favorites!), cabbage, broccoli, chard, brussel sprouts. Really here in Tn it gets too hot too quickly for these cool weather plants to thrive. They do much better in the long fall and mild winters. But I am always so anxious to get working in the garden, I give it a try. Some years have been better than others, but it’s always fun to watch with anticipation. IMG_2266

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