2 Tablespoonfuls to be taken at Bedtime

Or so Josephine rabbit recommends. Peter Rabbit enjoyed a nice cup of chamomile tea after his daring escapades in Mr. McGregor’s garden, remember? IMG_20160511_155627153This stand of chamomile is ready to be harvested and dried for teas and soaps. To do so, simply pluck the flower heads off and spread out in a hot, dry place. After they are dry, crush the heads and save in an airtight jar. At the end of the season, the entire plant can be used. But the heads are the most flavorful. Chamomile is useful for so many things. Dried and crushed it makes a lovey herb sachet. It also makes a tasty tea. Weak chamomile tea sprayed on plants in the greenhouse ward off the dreaded damping off disease. I add it to soap because it helps heal eczema. Sprinkle some dried or fresh flowers in a warm bath and feel your tension ease away!IMG_20160511_155411945 Chamomile is useful in treating irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, skin rashes, colic, muscular cramps, heartburn, nausea and so much more. It is an easy herb to grow. These were volunteer plants from last year. It smells so sweet and looks so cheerful growing in the garden. Makes me happy!

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