Tractor Fire

Tractor had sat for a while and I needed to remove the rototiller and put on the hay spear to move some hay for the cow before I went to the ICHE convention. I was running the tractor and scraping a little composted manure from the Hoover building before I went to get the hay, when the boys started yelling about sparks coming out of my tractor. I had a leaky gas shut off valve under the gravity fed gas tank that would drip a little when it was open. I had used it all winter like that because I was moving hay so often I did not have time to fix it. So I stop the engine and get off and see huge flames. The top of the valve cover which is about 5 inches below the gas tank has a big fire going, and the gas is dripping right into the fire making it bigger. We all ran a ways away, then I went and got the garden hose and sprayed it off. Thankfully the fire went out before the tank blew up. Did I ever mention I have the best guardian angels. So the other day I went to replace the shut off valve and realized a rodent had made a really big nest of dried leaves and hay between the exhaust manifold and the valve cover, which is why the fire started. Got that cleaned out and the shut off replaced. Then I broke the glass filter bowl when I was cleaning it out, so I did not get to use my tractor anyways. It should run once I get to the store.

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