Cleaning the coop and fertilizing the corn

IMG_2957There is always so much to do around the farm whenever we can kill two birds with one stone we go for it. The corn needed to be fertilized because it is such a heavy feeder. And because it is planted in an area that has sandy soil, which doesn’t hold nutrients very well. And the soil in this area had never been amended before. So what better material to use than the deep litter from our coop.IMG_2956 Last fall I had layered a huge quantity of mulched leaves under the roosts in the coop. Because chickens poop a lot when they sleep, apparently. Then occasionally I would toss scraps in there for the chickens to feast on. In their clamor for the scraps, they would scratch around and turn over all that leaf matter and chicken doo-doo. Cleaning out the coop is one of the worst jobs on the farm, and this year I was so blessed that Jeremie volunteered to do it for me! So the task that normally takes me and the kids all day to accomplish was done in just a couple hours.IMG_2962 The kids and I took wheelbarrows of that delicious, not-quite-finished compost and spread it on the rows of corn. The corn is a deep, dark green now. Full of weeds, yes. But full of nutrients as well, I’d say. IMG_3035

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