Random happpenings

Gloria asleep with her thumb. IMG_3057Charlotte jumping Bailey at horse lessons. IMG_20160707_115207703Ruthie being sprayed off after playing in the pig mud.IMG_3091 Girls at an indigo dyeing class at the quilt museum. IMG_20160708_092320742Tommy DIYing our trampoline springs.IMG_3063 Jimmy cut all those pool noodles and there was a joint effort to put them on.IMG_3059When I pulled out the rubbermaids to go through the off-season clothes, the kids were delighted to see boxes of books that they hadn’t seen in years. It was so fun to watch them sit there for hours pouring over pages and forgotten titles like they had rediscovered an old friend.

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Hey! Welcome to our little homestead in Tn. Join us as we daily try to seek the Lord’s face and raise up the next generation of His warriors. There’s always something crazy going on here and we hope to bring a chuckle to your day or evoke an “amen, sister, I’ve been there!”

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