My brother the bad driver

Since Autumn said she liked hearing stories about her dad when he was a kid, it brought this one to mind.

Uncle Jason (as my kids refer to him) was supposed to be going to a school dance. He was going to be driving the fancy family car. It was either an old blue caprice classic, or a faded green dodge polara, both 4 doors and super long, and big old bumpers.

Either one like this caprice classic


(This is what uncle Jason thought he looked like in grandpa’s


caprice classic!!!)

Or like this beast of a dodge polara (which was actually on loan from his wife’s grandpa since we needed a car)


So you can see how that bumper in the front wraps around the corner. It seemed like it went past further on the side then it looks in that picture, but my memory might not be totally correct. Anyways, Uncle Jason had the car in the garage. The garage had a single car door opening with a man door next to it. Similar to this, but I think the man door was closer to the garage door.Before Garage Front

The garage was in the backyard behind the house on midland ave in westbend wi. actual photos below to help you visualizemidlandave2midlandave

So you had to curve a little as you backed out of the garage so that you did not hit the house corner. So as he is looking backwards to make sure he misses the house, the front bumper that sticks out catches on the wall between the garage door and the man door and yanks it right out. Thankfully for Uncle Jason, the header over the garage door continued over the man door and so the whole building did not fall down, just that little bit of wall.

I think grandpa Schultz still let him go to the dance.

Autumn, you can also ask him about the hit and run and how it felt to have to sit in the back of the squad car out front of that midland house.

Or the time he crashed into something in the pick n save with the citation.

Or the time he totalled a different citation.

or the time the boy on the bike crashed into his windshield.

there were more, but it is hard to remember them all.

I am sure the picture below is how Uncle Jason remembers his accidents in his mind. 🙂


I guess I better be careful or he might start telling stories about me. All of which would be untrue for sure. 🙂

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  1. You know that is my picture from high school you used with me standing next to the blue Caprice with chrome wheels and hood scoop. Where did you even dig that up?

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