Summer happenings

Whew people! Summer is passing by in a whirlwind. Such a fun time of year. Busy days in the garden. Relaxing evenings with friends. Late night games of kick the can. Rummage sales! Steamy kitchens from canning. Pond swimming. Fencing. Parks. Pools. Lamb shows. Our days have been full.IMG_2934 Our air conditioning went out so we sweated it out for a few weeks. It was pleasantly cool on most of the days, relatively speaking. We’ve had so much summer rain. And when a storm blew in and the breeze picked up, well, we thought we were in heaven. The last week of no air the temps were in the high 90s with a heat index of 110-115. So people were getting a little cranky. But not much. I don’t think I heard one word of complaint from the kids except they told me it was hard to sleep. We have a tiny window unit where the baby sleeps, so she was comfortable. And we have a small unit in the boys room. There are 4 of them in the room, so it wasn’t keeping up. But on the hottest afternoons, all the kids would crowd in there and watch a movie or read to pass the time.IMG_3129 We had visitors from Florida. Jeremie’s brother and his family came for a couple days over the 4th of July. It was so fun to see them and catch up. They were such good sports about our hot house. We also had a fun night of visiting with friends from Alabama. Ultimate Frisbee, rollerblading, talking, climbing, chasing. It was such a fun, refreshing time. IMG_3130 I’ve been busy canning pickles, relishes, spaghetti sauce, jam. Most of the girls help and it is a fun process, to all be busy working in the kitchen. I need two islands in here, though! Maybe someday. IMG_3139Gloria has started eating food. She loves to chew on cucumbers, but we are careful not to let her get any chunks in her mouth. She tried some watermelon, but wasn’t thrilled. I love that we can feed her fresh fruit and veggies that have not been sprayed by anything. That have been harvested minutes before eating. Gloria also had her first dip in the pond. IMG_3125No, mama is not comfortable with that. But I have to admit she loved it. And I swooped her into the bathtub as soon as she got out 😉 The kids go swimming most days. Or boating in the new kayak. Every day sees people sewing, crafting and creating. Getting crafts ready for the fair. Some of the kids have made spreadsheets on excel, mapping out their crafting strategy. It’s serious business here. These days are just how I like them. Long. Hot. Tiring. Free. Creative. Building memories. Happy summer to you!

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