Enjoying the “Crown”

img_3770While the older girls were enjoying the dirt and dust of the barn arena in KC, the rest of us were enjoying the lovely downtown area. We saw a fabulous electric train display at the gorgeous Union Station. The kids were fascinated by all the tiny models of people, animals, towns, and trains. It was really loud in there with all those engines going!img_3779 Then we took the skybridge over to the Crown Plaza where we visited Lego Land. I. Just. Can’t. Even. All those legos! All those bricks! All those mini figures! It was such a fun experience for my kids that adore Legos.img_3781 Then we headed over to Kaleidoscope. This is an area hosted by the Hallmark Company. It is full of different arts and crafts stations for the kids to create, create, and create some more. img_3819The kids made artwork, then turned it into a puzzle. They painted. It was so fun to see them all engaged to intently. img_3817And Benja…that boy and his tape. Unlimited tape, tubes and paper. He was in heaven! img_3811Kansas City was a lovely city. Just a little, big city. I had heard negative things about it (the armpit of the midwest?) but I thought it was wonderful!img_3809

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