Crafty kids

IMG_4723A friend requested that I share some of the crafts that my kids have done. This is a little house done out of make and bake it clay. Susie loves to create tiny detailed things out of clay. Notice the leaded glass front door window.IMG_4724 She has put a tea light in the house making it an adorable night light. We aren’t big “fairy” people, but if I was a fairy, I’d definitely want to live here! IMG_4728This is a knife that Tommy made out of a file that he found laying around. He had to grind it down. The method includes heating the cutting edge to a different temp than the back of the blade. IMG_4722After heating it in a ground forge he set up,  he quenched it in motor oil. I’m sure he can tell you all the details, much better than I can. I love the handle. He cut squares of leather and stacked them together. Then he ground them down to the shape he wanted for his hand. I am in awe of his craftsmanship and skill. IMG_4720

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Hey! Welcome to our little homestead in Tn. Join us as we daily try to seek the Lord’s face and raise up the next generation of His warriors. There’s always something crazy going on here and we hope to bring a chuckle to your day or evoke an “amen, sister, I’ve been there!”

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