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IMG_4738While I love Back to Eden Gardening, I’ve always struggled with poor germination with my lettuce seeds. I think the seeds are just too tiny for the coarse wood chips. And I have a problem with creeping Bermuda grass on this fenceline. So, to remedy both of these problems, I asked Jeremie to build me a raised bed. A friend of ours had a huge cedar log on his property, so he took it to the local sawmill and we got the boards for $1/foot. IMG_4734 Jeremie had to dig out the ground because the box is going to be set on such a steep incline. This box is nice and sturdy and very pretty. I say that because we have had boxes in the past that are not nice and sturdy or pretty :) IMG_4742Then we filled the box with old rotting wood. Ever heard of hugelkultur?  It’s a method of building raised beds by mounding the dirt over piles of rotting wood. This feeds the soil and the plants with nutrients, moisture, organic matter and it makes it much easier to fill the bed. IMG_4746This bed is deep! We packed dirt around the wood and then I topped it all off with vermicompost from my worm bins. It still needs some more compost on top, but I can’t plant seeds for another couple of days, so I have a little time.

This is the finished be that I just planted with spinach and lettuce and chard.

This is the finished be that I just planted with spinach and lettuce and chard.

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  1. This is so cool! I can’t wait to see the results with the lettuce. Cedar is so pretty too! Grammy would love this. She loved the smell and look of cedar. Remember she had her coat closet lived with cedar?
    Love to all

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