Feet of death

IMG_5017These look like a torture apparatus. Scary, huh!? We have been plauged with Japanese Beetles in our orchard in the past years. So this year I decided to put down some Milky Spore bacteria to help combat those little buggars that want to chew on my trees. I sprinkled this white powder on the ground in the orchard. The grubs, that will eventrually grow into Japanese beetles, will feed on the powder, which will then infect them with a disease, called Milky Spore. When the grub dies a few days later, millions of new milky spores will be released into the soil. This is a product that does not ever need to be re-applied. It may take a couple years to see its effectiveness, but it will stay in the soil permanently. IMG_5052I also read about a method of killing grubs by walking all over the ground with these spiky shoes. This was too fun not to try! Apparently, it is supposed to kill 50-70% of the grubs that are overwintering in the ground. Jeremie is skeptical, though. The shoes wouldn’t stay on his feet. Benjamin’s feet were too small. They worked great for me, though. I only did about half the orchard, but I thought it was surprisingly easy. And fun.

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