How to butcher a hog: Part 3

Trotters, Hocks, Hams and Shoulders. I was greatly remiss snapping pictures of this process. But I pretty much just followed Brandon’s instructions. Cut off the feet. Trotters. I didn’t save them. Cut off the hocks. I saved them for ham and beans. The shoulder is cut into Boston Butts and Picnic roasts. IMG_4970The leg is done similarly. Cut off the feet. Trotters. Cut off the hock. The large ham portion of the leg can be cut into a boneless ham and a bone in ham. These can be cured in a salt water brine or dry cured in salt. This meat will be tough and chewy, so make sure to cook it long and low. I’m sorry for my lack of pictures. I’ve got some more carcasses to piece out, so perhaps I’ll update with more pictures later. Any questions? I’d love to hear them. For local peeps, I’m  happy to walk you through the process in person if interested.IMG_4975

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