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We’ve had the pleasure of attending another horse show at the Briar Creek McCoy Farm. Spring 2017. Charlotte rode Buddy again and the poor old boy had to complete four jump courses of eight jumps each. Charlotte walked away today with a first place ribbon, a second place and two thirds. Wow! This girl has not even been taking lessons for a year! She competed against riders who’ve been taking lessons at the farm for years and who own much higher quality horses. Our beloved Buddy is just an old quarter horse, who’s seen the prime of life pass him by. The judge commented that she seems like a natural.IMG_5216 Charlotte is gifted, that’s for sure. But I know she puts a lot of effort and hard work into her riding. We don’t keep the horses here at the farm. They are pastured at an elderly neighbor’s farm because those pastures are retired anyway. And this lets us use our land for animals that actually produce something, other than a good time, that is. So Charlotte has to walk a ways to go get the horses when she rides, she is the sole feeder and groomer, and she tacks up her own horse. That may not sound challenging, but when you see our little pint size rider heave a heavy saddle up on Buddy’s back, well, it’s pretty impressive. I remember years ago, tacking up three horses and walking around and around the yard with little riders hanging on for dear life, wondering if they would ever be big enough to tack up independently. What a difference a few years make. And she is so kind to always offer to lead the littler siblings around the yard on her horse. We are so proud of Charlotte. Not for her ribbons, but for her hard work and determination. And we are pretty proud of Buddy, too! IMG_5220

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