Garden update

Here’s how things are growing as of May 17, 2017.IMG_5618 The cabbages are just about ready to harvest. We will roast one for lunch tomorrow! IMG_5612The beans and peas have something nibbling at them.IMG_5608 The tomatoes are tiny still, as are the peppers. IMG_5611This hillside was planted in snake gourds and water dipper gourds! IMG_5609A Beautiful garden box filled with lettuces of all different maturity.IMG_5616 Lush carrots with cucumbers starting to climb the trellis. IMG_5614Larger tomatoes weaved into the trellis.IMG_5615 Beets under, hoping to enjoy the shade the tomatoes will provide. IMG_5628Onions with red lettuce planted under a trellis that has purple hull peas planted alongside. IMG_5627Peas, still producing!!! IMG_5623Lacinato dinosaur kale, a favorite!IMG_5619

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Hey! Welcome to our little homestead in Tn. Join us as we daily try to seek the Lord’s face and raise up the next generation of His warriors. There’s always something crazy going on here and we hope to bring a chuckle to your day or evoke an “amen, sister, I’ve been there!”

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