Continuous brew

I’ve been making Kombucha for years. Not always religiously. One of the biggest challenges was when it is time to bottle and mix a new batch. The crock I ferment it in is VERY heavy. The tea has to steep for a long while. Then cool for a long while. The scoby has to be somewhere while I prep the next batch. IMG_5573Solution?? Continuous brew Kombucha! I’m brewing in a jar with a spigot, so that I can extract finished kombucha, without disturbing the scoby. Then I can simply add sweetened tea to the jar and it begins fermenting again. And because I always leave at least 1/3 of the jar full of finished product the new tea ferments more quickly. I can bottle finished product every 7 days usually, instead of waiting the normal 10 days that it took previously. IMG_5574When there are 7 people clamoring for it, that’s a huge benefit! And I was awestruck, literally, when I saw the size and health of the new scoby that grew on top of the brew. Don’t know the benefits of this fermented, fizzy drink??!! Google it and be astounded!  IMG_5577

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