Fair Season 2017 – Take 2

IMG_5957The second fair we participated in this summer was in Livingston County. This fair was the morning after the Mayfield show, so we were a bit tired! IMG_5959There was some debate as to whether or not we would be able to attend this fair because I am new to driving the stock trailer and the fairgrounds are over a teeny tiny rickety bridge.IMG_5965 I was hoping Jeremie would take the girls, but it’s not really his thing. Who can blame him? It does get a little tiring to sit out at a livestock barn for hours upon hours. But the girls and I love it, so I closed my eyes and drove over the bridge,IMG_5967 Ha! Just kidding! But I did make it over the bridge safely. All the while telling the girls that now they knew how much I loved them. :) All three of my lamb exhibitors won champion showmanship! IMG_5977Mia and Katie won first in their market weight class and Reserve Grand Champion. Charlotte won second in her market class. IMG_5981Mia received a lot of encouragement at the show! Many people came up and complimented her on her showmanship skills. This is her first year with a goat, so she needed a little encouragment!IMG_5963 And Katie was glad the judge liked her lamb so much. He needs a few groceries but should be right on target for Grand Champion for our county fair!  IMG_5968

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