IMG_7496Originally we planned to have the Schultz family reunion up in Wisconsin at Jeremie’s sister’s house. IMG_7462But because Jeremie’s mom was hospitalized at the last minute, everyone decided to come to Tennessee instead. IMG_7509Yeah! For not having to drive the big camper up Hwy 57 through construction! IMG_7389And all those cousins and aunts and uncles were so fun to have at the farm!IMG_7423 Everyone tag teamed for food prep and clean up and visiting with Grandma Schultz, since she was too weak to come over. IMG_7401Jeremie ran like a little energizer bunny, running games, setting things up, swimming with the kids, catching up with his sibs. IMG_7439So many cousins…there are 27 grandkids in all. IMG_7457The oldest one couldn’t make it, with his new wife.IMG_7450 But what a sight to see all the family singing and playing praise to Jesus during worship on Sunday!IMG_7385 We do this every other year. IMG_7395I know it’s hard for people to work out school schedules and work vacations but we all leave thinking we should do this more often! IMG_7386

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