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IMG_5999My garden is a veritable jungle! We’ve had so much rain, and I’ve been so inattentive and absent that the weeds got a little agressive.IMG_6550 But, I’m still getting a lot of produce out of it and that’s what matters! I’ll deal with the weeds another time. After all, tomorrow is another day! IMG_6006Tomatoes are just starting to come in! Whatever the hornworms leave for me, anyway! IMG_7010This first batch will be for salsa! Too bad I forgot to grow cilantro..again. I don’t think it would like this heat, anyway. IMG_7520Lots of cucumbers for pickles and snacks. I’m happy to share some with Jeremie’s mom. She is sick, and this is one thing she can enjoy still!IMG_5790 This is the first time I’ve grown purple hull peas. I though they would climb the trellis, but it turns out they only grow to be about 18″-2′ high. Makes for easy picking!IMG_7519 And it’s so much fun to shell them! We’ve been canning a lot of green beans. All the kids like to have canned green beans in the winter time. IMG_5909And, Oh! These sunflowers! They make my heart happy! So tall and bright and cheery.  IMG_7279

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