Even though the first hog for our hog roast didn’t turn out as planned, Jeremie was ready for another go at it. All his brothers were here, so it was a much easier task of lifting the carcass into the scalder.IMG_7437 All the cousins were interested to see how it was done. Our young nephew, Matthew , even tried to stick the pig himeslf. It was a little to hard, though. And our neice, Autumn, took part in the eviscerating commenting, “if I’m going ot eat it, I’d better help out with this part, too!” It was a great learning experience for the city folk, lol! And sweet success! It tasted wonderful.IMG_7442 Jeremie did have to trouble shoot a few things because the carcass was much too large for our smoke pit. It almost caught fire again, but Jeremie’s quick thinking took care of the problem. He will have to adapt our pit for next time. All the aunts helped to shred the pork.IMG_7445 Perhaps they thought Jeremie needed some new tools because a few days later a package arrived in the mail. It was addressed to “Pigslayer Schultz” and inside were some BBQing gloves and claws for shredding the meat. Thank you to the anonymous sender! Jeremie can’t wait to try them out! IMG_20170714_122415685

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