Lamb and goat season 2017

IMG_20170701_135956065These girls never cease to amaze me with their hard work, ingenuity, determination and dedication. We’ve never been to so many shows in a season. And at each one, they’ve learned something different. Been encouraged or challenged in some way. Love these life lessons they are learning. IMG_7578Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. But they are always gracious, always looking to improve, always encouraging to others. IMG_7565Lately, Charlotte’s lamb is a looking a little overconditioned. That’s a showmanship way of saying it’s fat! TEalier in the season, she and Katie bought a treadmill of of Craigslist for $50.IMG_20170713_145119257_HDR This weekend Jeremie helped them build a cage around it, so they could exercise their animals. IMG_20170713_134557546_HDRHaha! We will see if it works. Seems like a good idea, though! Just a couple more shows  until we close out the 2017 season!IMG_20170717_205726823_TOP

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