IMG_20171031_130206310_HDRWhoops! Late again! But let’s talk gardening, shall we?! Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year. It has nothing to do with the Reformation, although that is pretty awesome. It has nothing to do with candy, although that is fun. It has everything to do with this savory, spicy herb that I plant each year on the last day of October! IMG_20171031_135557200Garlic!!! It always seems to be a beautiful day when I’m planting garlic and this year, it has drizzled off and on for the next couple of days as well. Perfect! I had some helpers again this year. And I must say that even Ruthie was more of a help than the four legged creature that kept walking in my trench, right where I was trying to work. Argh! But a wonderfully, fun day outside, nonetheless!  IMG_20171031_133925280

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