The more I learn about gut health, the more intrigued I am. It affects practically EVERY area of your health. Sleep. Hormones. Cravings. Energy levels. Digestion. Allergies. Weight. Skin. I remember long, late nights googling words like thryoid funtion, adrenal fatigue, post partum depression and more. I would end the night more confused that I started and I ended up buying supplements “here and there” based on the recommendation of “someone” or some blog or article. Only to reach the end of the bottle, not really sure if it helped or not. I felt like I was wasting time, money and energy. I love that Plexus addresses root issues and is a comprehensive regime that is made to work together. Now I know that tumeric needs to be taken with a fatty omega to be more utilized by the body. I know that a pinch of sodium makes the magnesium more effective. And having a balanced body is amazing, let me tell ya. Jeremie’s energy levels are amazing. His stamina and blood sugar balance have never been better. This pregnancy of mine has been fabulous in terms of energy, sleep, aches and pain, nausea (none!). So praising Jesus, that He put Plexus in my life and that my family’s health has never been better!

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