My brother the bad driver

Since Autumn said she liked hearing stories about her dad when he was a kid, it brought this one to mind.

Uncle Jason (as my kids refer to him) was supposed to be going to a school dance. He was going to be driving the fancy family car. It was either an old blue caprice classic, or a faded green dodge polara, both 4 doors and super long, and big old bumpers.

Either one like this caprice classic


(This is what uncle Jason thought he looked like in grandpa’s


caprice classic!!!)

Or like this beast of a dodge polara (which was actually on loan from his wife’s grandpa since we needed a car)


So you can see how that bumper in the front wraps around the corner. It seemed like it went past further on the side then it looks in that picture, but my memory might not be totally correct. Anyways, Uncle Jason had the car in the garage. The garage had a single car door opening with a man door next to it. Similar to this, but I think the man door was closer to the garage door.Before Garage Front

The garage was in the backyard behind the house on midland ave in westbend wi. actual photos below to help you visualizemidlandave2midlandave

So you had to curve a little as you backed out of the garage so that you did not hit the house corner. So as he is looking backwards to make sure he misses the house, the front bumper that sticks out catches on the wall between the garage door and the man door and yanks it right out. Thankfully for Uncle Jason, the header over the garage door continued over the man door and so the whole building did not fall down, just that little bit of wall.

I think grandpa Schultz still let him go to the dance.

Autumn, you can also ask him about the hit and run and how it felt to have to sit in the back of the squad car out front of that midland house.

Or the time he crashed into something in the pick n save with the citation.

Or the time he totalled a different citation.

or the time the boy on the bike crashed into his windshield.

there were more, but it is hard to remember them all.

I am sure the picture below is how Uncle Jason remembers his accidents in his mind. 🙂


I guess I better be careful or he might start telling stories about me. All of which would be untrue for sure. 🙂

1961 Ford 4000 Industrial Tractor, how many times can it break.

The green and black beast. SDC15133

It has a heavy duty front end loader (FEL) on it. It came with a 6′ bush hog. I paid $2200 for it including delivery about 5 years ago. It had really good tires on it. I thought it had a live pto when I bought it. It was advertised as a 1964 Ford, which would have had the live pto. It was actually a 1961 which has a transmission pto. Live pto’s are much better. I guess that is what I get for looking at it at night and not knowing anything about a tractor when I went to look at it. But I could not get anybody else that knew about tractors to come along. That is why I only wanted to spend about $2000 on my first tractor. Because I did not know, what I did not know. My next tractor will be 4 wheel drive because my property is so hilly.

I added rear hydraulics. I bought a 3 Point Hay spear.I adjusted the brakes some. The right side works some. The left side still needs work. I use the FEL as my brake of last resort.

I used it to pull up wood posts when I pulled up the fence for Mr Workman a few years ago. I blew the head gasket. So it sat for about a year. Then I took off the top end of the engine and had it ground flat. Put a new gasket in it. I repainted the engine parts that I took off to make them look nice and not rust. I put a new exhaust system on it that goes under the tractor so I would not get as many engine fumes on me when I used it. I got it started up, but it did not have as much power as it should.  I tried to lash the valves, but it takes a feel that comes from experience. So I decided to hire it out. I finally got it running enough to get it on a trailer to take to Mr. Hostetlers. I could not find anybody to come out and work on it.

Last fall I got the valves lashed and had it tuned up. He also replaced the pin that keeps the 3 point arms in the position mode. I picked it up from him and was driving it home. Then the freeze plug corroded and it was leaking coolant. It was in a really bad place but I got that fixed. This winter I moved a lot of hay with it. The gas shutoff was leaking when I had it in the open position. Common to this model tractor. This spring I got tilling done with it. Then it caught on fire. A rodent had built a nest in it and the gas shut off was leaking. Got the fire out. Put a new gas shutoff in it. Broke the fuel filter bowl. Got a new one. Got it running. I have been bush hogging a bunch. Got Mr. Charles pasture (keep our horses there) bush hogged. Had to replace the non-live pto spinner thing because the old one kept coming off. Moved the cows off the neighbors top field to the his bottoms so I could finish bush hogging that field. Got the tractor out in the early afternoon to bush hog. Noticed the gear box on the bush hog seemed to have worked itself loose. While I was under there trying to get the stump jumper off so I could tighten the bolts, I noticed the stump jumper had a crack in it. So I had to weld that. Welded another broken weld on the bush hog. Never got the stump jumper off, but was able to get a socket on the bolts I needed, with Tommy’s help and got the gear box tightened down. My welding is not great, so I make thick welds, which on the stump jumper I ended up having to grind mostly away so the blade would spin freely. Anyways by the time I got that all done, it was almost dark. The power steering leaks, so I put fluid in it and added some ATP reseal (great stuff, hope it fixes the leak). So I got about one pass around the field before I needed to turn on the headlights. Got the third pass around the field and I got drenched with water all of a sudden. And the water kept coming. Thought I drove through a huge puddle at first. My rear tire rim had burst. It had a 6″ x 6″ hole in it. They used to use calcium chloride water to fill tractor tires to give them weight and lower the center of gravity. The calcium chloride would corrode the metal pretty fast though. Now I think they use antifreeze in the water. So now I have to find a rim to get my tractor fixed. Pretty soon I will have run out of stuff to fix on the tractor. I can dream at least.

I have had the sheet metal off of it since I did the top end on the engine. I am hoping to repaint the tractor to its original yellow and red color scheme. Someday.720LoaderBrochure

1991 Ford F150 – broken and fixed and broken

The rear tail light was broken when we bought. Got part from junk yard, Tommy is going to put it on.

Drivers window smashed when I closed the door. Have to find a replacement. Thankfully the weather pretty much always comes from the west, so just keeping it on the east side for now seems to work.

Water pump hose broke. Tommy got the old part off. I got the part from auto store. Tommy put it back on. Should be fixed.

2 started, 7 to go

Tommy got the Honda 200 and the Honda 350 running again. Still need the brakes fixed on them. The 350 is idling a little high also. Tommy did a great job and neither of them drove off by themselves this time. 🙂


chicken processing

bought 51 chicks for $1 a piece at tractor supply good friday. We butchered 26 chickens. I lost 10 chickens in the last week because of the heat. The one day I lost 5 because they would not drink any water for some reason. It was a very costly week. All that organic feed down the drain.


Sister to the rescue 1985

Somewhere around 1985 we lived on Greentree in West Bend WI in a rental. I was in about 4th or 5th grade. Across the street was a big hill with a big open field at the top. My sister Melanie and I found some sheets of plywood laying up there and built a cool fort near a tree. We put all sorts of fallen branches and stuff around it to camo it from the neighborhood kids who were not very nice. One day we were up there working on it and Melanie was at the fort and I was out in the field looking for stuff to use. Some of the bullies that lived down the street that were probably about 8th grade found me and started beating me up. My sister Melanie who was two years older than me came and threw them off and would have beat them up if they had not run away. Later when we were at the street the kids yelled something about them beating me up and were making fun of me for getting saved by a girl. I yelled back, “yeah, but you got beat up by a girl!” They stopped taunting me after that.

Thanks Mel.