About Molly

Hey! Welcome to our little homestead in Tn. Join us as we daily try to seek the Lord’s face and raise up the next generation of His warriors. There’s always something crazy going on here and we hope to bring a chuckle to your day or evoke an “amen, sister, I’ve been there!”


IMG_7496Originally we planned to have the Schultz family reunion up in Wisconsin at Jeremie’s sister’s house. IMG_7462But because Jeremie’s mom was hospitalized at the last minute, everyone decided to come to Tennessee instead. IMG_7509Yeah! For not having to drive the big camper up Hwy 57 through construction! IMG_7389And all those cousins and aunts and uncles were so fun to have at the farm!IMG_7423 Everyone tag teamed for food prep and clean up and visiting with Grandma Schultz, since she was too weak to come over. IMG_7401Jeremie ran like a little energizer bunny, running games, setting things up, swimming with the kids, catching up with his sibs. IMG_7439So many cousins…there are 27 grandkids in all. IMG_7457The oldest one couldn’t make it, with his new wife.IMG_7450 But what a sight to see all the family singing and playing praise to Jesus during worship on Sunday!IMG_7385 We do this every other year. IMG_7395I know it’s hard for people to work out school schedules and work vacations but we all leave thinking we should do this more often! IMG_7386

Disaster on the homestead

IMG_7371Ugh! Sometimes you work, and work, and work and things still don’t go right. We are hosting a large family gathering here and Jeremie wanted to smoke a hog for them all to enjoy. Poor guy had been working hard all day in the hot sun on projects that needed to be done around the farm. It was close to midnight when he got around to slaughtering the hog. Then is needed to be scraped and gutted and smoked. Something happened during the night becuase he woke me up at 4am to say, “there isn’t any hog.” What a disaster! Grease from the hog had dripped onto the fire, causing the carcass to burn instead of smoke. This is result. Charred. What a waste. IMG_7384

Summer fun!

IMG_7226Here at the Funny Farm we try to be intentional with our time. We do A LOT of work. But we also enjoy A LOT of fun. I think that’s why are kids are such cheerful workers. They realize we all do it together and then we all have fun together. IMG_7230We also believe in teaching life skills to all the kids. And we start ’em out young, lol! While they are working on a project that will result in hours of fun family time, it hardly seems like work or learning, but it is! Measure once, cut twice! IMG_7253

Gut Goodness

16729224_1562406470454702_1379226616212912131_nSo, friends, I have jumped into this Plexus business with two feet! Maybe you don’t know, but I’ve been taking Plexus products for over a year. Not consistently, though. Recently I got my act together and really gave it a fair chance. And WOW! Love how I feel. Balanced hormones? More energy? Better sleep? Regular bathroom habits? Increased digestion? Yes, please! So, now that I’m loving the products, why did I start “selling” them? Well, I don’t look at it as “selling”. More like I’m sharing what works for me, do you think it could hlep you?16997747_10154117480302131_5917711712007106920_n It started when a friend of mine told me she was living with the chronic, dehibliating pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis all over her body. What??!! I had no idea she was suffering like that. So I gave her some products to try that would improve her immune system, reduce inflammation, and heal her gut. She saw such huge improvements, I thought, “wow”. What if I hadn’t shared? What if I was too scared of what others might think? Wouldn’t that be selfish to keep such a life changing product to myself. Because that’s what I’ve seen in the 8 weeks I’ve been sharing about Plexus. People’s lives being changed. And not some anonymous testimonial. Real friends of mine. Calling me saying “how can I feel this good after only a couple days??!!” Research has shown that your gut is your second brain. So it stands to reason, healthy gut, healthy life! 2acfed00202dcc7c81640a711fd0f2cb


IMG_6698Because our little Glo-Glo shares a birthday with our Saviour, we decided to celebrate her half birthday instead. So, on June 25, our baby turned 1.5! She loved the pool that was a present from her Mitna!IMG_6671 She enjoyed being doted on by her siblings and a chocolate cake and homemade ice cream tto eat. Our Gloria has been high maintenance since birth, but now that she can walk and climb and “talk” in her language, she is much more pleasant to be around. IMG_6712She’s so fun and spunky. Not a little demanding as well. She prefers to swing on the big girl swing and shows off saying “no hands, mama” in her hummy sort of way. Such a precious blessing we have been gifted!  IMG_7619

All I need to know about marriage I learned from the back of a two seater bike

Nuggets of Wisdom

IMG_0560I came away from the homeschool convention with a few nuggets of wisdom.

#1. Children need laps, not apps.

#2. Our goal is not to raise smart children. Our goal is to raise Godly parents for the next generation.

#3. The purpose of school is not to train our kids for more school. The purpose of school is to train kids for life.

#4. Find the way your child is smart. Then cultivate it into greatness.IMG_5178


I love that my children are super interested in whatever is happening around them. It gets messy sometimes. It sounds loud, often. But I believe their active, engaged minds will change the world!IMG_5835

Fair Season 2017 – Take 2

IMG_5957The second fair we participated in this summer was in Livingston County. This fair was the morning after the Mayfield show, so we were a bit tired! IMG_5959There was some debate as to whether or not we would be able to attend this fair because I am new to driving the stock trailer and the fairgrounds are over a teeny tiny rickety bridge.IMG_5965 I was hoping Jeremie would take the girls, but it’s not really his thing. Who can blame him? It does get a little tiring to sit out at a livestock barn for hours upon hours. But the girls and I love it, so I closed my eyes and drove over the bridge,IMG_5967 Ha! Just kidding! But I did make it over the bridge safely. All the while telling the girls that now they knew how much I loved them. :) All three of my lamb exhibitors won champion showmanship! IMG_5977Mia and Katie won first in their market weight class and Reserve Grand Champion. Charlotte won second in her market class. IMG_5981Mia received a lot of encouragement at the show! Many people came up and complimented her on her showmanship skills. This is her first year with a goat, so she needed a little encouragment!IMG_5963 And Katie was glad the judge liked her lamb so much. He needs a few groceries but should be right on target for Grand Champion for our county fair!  IMG_5968