A Little Cuteness to Brighten Your Day

IMG_2179Blogging time around here is scarce because there is such a yummy baby hanging around these parts. Oooooh, we all love to cuddle her! IMG_2135 

What fun headbands! IMG_2139Yes, she is a living doll. But I have to be quite honest with you all. More often Gloria can be found looking like this…IMG_2161Yes, dear readers, she is only happy and content while nursing or being cuddled in someones’ arms. No worries though, there are plenty of arms a’ waiting..IMG_2159

Showered with love

IMG_2900A very dear friend of mine recently blessed me immensely by hosting a baby shower. Yes, a baby shower for my 10th baby! It was such a celebration of love and anticipation for this new life we’ve been gifted with.IMG_2846 It was technically a “baby sprinkle” complete with freshly made donuts and coffee. It was fabulous that both my sisters and my mom were able to come into town to enjoy this special event.IMG_2856 Most of the pictures were “action shots” but here’s a glimpse of the goodness of my friends and family!IMG_3243