Sister to the rescue 1985

Somewhere around 1985 we lived on Greentree in West Bend WI in a rental. I was in about 4th or 5th grade. Across the street was a big hill with a big open field at the top. My sister Melanie and I found some sheets of plywood laying up there and built a cool fort near a tree. We put all sorts of fallen branches and stuff around it to camo it from the neighborhood kids who were not very nice. One day we were up there working on it and Melanie was at the fort and I was out in the field looking for stuff to use. Some of the bullies that lived down the street that were probably about 8th grade found me and started beating me up. My sister Melanie who was two years older than me came and threw them off and would have beat them up if they had not run away. Later when we were at the street the kids yelled something about them beating me up and were making fun of me for getting saved by a girl. I yelled back, “yeah, but you got beat up by a girl!” They stopped taunting me after that.

Thanks Mel.


For this edition of Flashback Friday I am recording some of the cute things my kids have said, for the collective memory.

2007-06-AroundTheSchultzHouse 008When Katie was thirsty she used to tell me she was “drinky”.

2007-DaddyDaughterDateNight 021When Susie was little she called a nightgown a “nightup”. It took me a while to realize that she thought we were saying nightdown and just got “down” mixed up with “up”. I can still hear her little voice asking, “where’s my yellow nightup?”

AroundTheHouse-2007-03 001

What is with that Packers jersey????!!!

Tommy used to walk around constantly “bopping” people. Pointing his finger and “shooting” them.  Everywhere. we. went. And the person was supposed to drop down and play dead instantly. This went on for a long time.

One time we were walking around a flea market, and a vendor was selling all sorts of Santa Claus figures. Tommy points to them and asks, “what’s that guy’s name again?”

AroundTheHouse-2007-03 047

Charlotte had, and still has, hair issues

Charlotte used to (and now we all do on purpose) call nail polish “paint nolish”.

Jack was walking around with a pair of handcuffs and I asked him who he was going to arrest. He told me “not God.” Good, Jack. That’s good.