Another project in the works

IMG_7346Putting up this extremely tall pole had this mama worried. I had visions of it going up then falling over and dooowwwn onto Tommy who was pulling it with straps from the other side. The reason I was worried is because it wasn’t quite in the hole, Jeremie was expecting it to slide into the hole, once it got more upright. What is this huge post for? What are your guesses?IMG_20170703_162327786

A bench for me

IMG_5002I love old things. Jeremie does not. I love peeling, chippy paint. Jeremie does not. I love wobbly, crooked things that squeak. Jeremie does not.IMG_5006 So it was such an act of love for him to take the time to build this adorable little bench for me out of an old wood door. Working with old things never goes smoothly and he did have to glue some of the pieces that were falling apart back together. This adds time, and adds to the frustration, but overall, is not really a big deal. Right, Jeremie? Right? The project itself was fairly simple. IMG_5004Cut the door apart, separating the panels. Make a base from 2X4s and scrap lumber to support the seat. Then screw the smaller panels to the sides as “arms” for the bench. I absolutely love it!

Someone's modeling!

Someone’s modeling!

I will put it in the garden to be my quiet happy place. Jeremie says I must teach the kids not to roughhouse on the bench, so the rule is: if I see you sitting on my bench in the garden I’ll put you to work weeding. Easy peasy. Not a child will be caught sitting on it, I’m sure.IMG_5045

Have you figured out how to get more than 24 hours in a day yet?

Neither have I, but if someone knows, please share.

We have been very busy around here the last few days.

I had friends visit for a few hours on Friday afternoon.

My dog strangled itself to death on the run line on Friday evening.

On Saturday I was gone half the day in murray at a lamb showing class with charlotte and the young kids. Then we went to lowes to get supplies.

Then we started building bunkbeds and lofts for the boys room. We got it finished this evening. Well finished enough for now. We have sleeping spots for 4 boys. 1 computer desk area under Jimmy’s bed that Tommy will use for programming his robots. Jimmy has a drawing table up in his loft bed. Jack has a curtain to hide  behind in his bottom bunk. Benjamin wants some shelving in his bunk. And I have a lego building area yet to build. Need to find a storage spot for all the Mashoonga sticks. Tommy was a huge help.

My computer has been crashing on and off for quite some time. I think I finally figured it out. I sure hope so, I have a lot to do before I leave on Wednesday.

Thankfully we had two new baby calves born on Sunday evening, helped us forget about the dog. They were so soft, it would be hard to imagine without having touched them.

We have to milk our Jersey cow now some because the new calf does not drink enough to empty her. So that is twice a day.

Then I spent an hour this evening running around with one of my new south poll momma cows trying to squirt her engorged teat to get the milk out of it so that it would be small enough that the new calf would be able to nurse it. She tried to kick me every time I squeezed it. I finally got the milk clot milked out after about 5 miles of jogging(it seemed that long) with her avoiding her hoof. Then she finally stood still while I was doing it until she moved over slightly into the electric fence and we both got zapped. Then I had to get her to calm down again so I could finish. After it was back to a normal size I was resting and watching the new calf nurse and she nursed all 4 teats. So I knew I had fixed it. Otherwise she would have gotten mastitis in that quarter and probably never would have been able to produce in that quarter again in her life.  Then I looked at my shirt and realized I was full of manure. Charlotte watched the whole episode. I am sure she was thoroughly amused.

I got a hair cut tonight.

Now that I am cleaned up it is time to engineer. I will hopefully finish before 3am.

But I think I got my computer fixed. So far it seems like I may have a bad set of DIMMs. I will find out if it crashes anymore tonight if I have it solved.

Then wake up and put in a full day of engineering tomorrow.I also have to set up 8 days worth of mob grazing that is easy for someone else to move my cows while I am gone.

Wednesday we have an 8 hour drive to Naperville, IL for the ICHE homeschooling convention. Saturday night or Sunday we will drive back home the 8 hours. Then Monday we have to drive about 5.5 hours to knoxville, TN for Mia and Katie’s state livestock competition that they qualified for which is all day Tuesday.  Then Wednesday we drive back the 5.5 hours to home. Then I have to catch back up on the engineering and chores that I will now be behind on.


Every year Jeremie and I sit down and write up a plan of action. A to-do list for the year. Putting our goals down on paper is supposed to keep us motivated to keep on keeping on. This past year so many of the to-do items started off with “Fix….” or “Repair….” It seems repairing things to keep this place running is a full time job. I suppose it’s inevitable, what with 5 times the normal population, using and abusing things 😉 But in this first week of the new year, we actually got one of our items checked off our to-do list (albeit from last year, ha!).IMG_1859 Jeremie designed and Tommy built an automatic waterer for the rabbits. Jeremie will have to do a post with all the specifics. But I know that this project involved a stock tank heater, a toilet valve, pvc and a recycled (upcycled?) cooler. The water is continuously flowing through the pipe, so there is no danger of it freezing. Each cage has a metal nipple for the rabbits to drink out of. During “not freezing temps” we will be able to hook a hose up to the cooler so it will be automatically refilled. For now we simply refill the cooler. But that supply of water lasts quite a long time. Tommy also had to build a wooden shelf to hold the cooler of water. That thing gets pretty heavy when it’s full. Sure beats bringing in the old rabbit water bottles that used to hang on their cages and defrosting them in the sink and hauling them back out, only to find them frozen again a couple hours later. It’s so handy having an engineer/handy man for a husband and a handyman/engineer for a son!  IMG_1858

Eggs for sale

IMG_8956Every year we think about setting up an egg selling stand at the end of our driveway. At the height of egg season it would be nice to sell the surplus, rather than feed them to the pigs. We do sell some to friends and such, but Jeremie has been building a little hut for me to sell more of them on the honor system.

Jeremie really enjoys having Susie's company while he works. He even lets her sit in the shade!

Jeremie really enjoys having Susie’s company while he works. He even lets her sit in the shade!

It fits a little fridge that was just laying around and it will have shelves above for any extra produce I want to sell. Out here in the country eggs are a dime a dozen, but every little bit helps. I cringe when I remember how much I used to pay for eggs when we lived up north. A friend has also started selling our eggs at the farmer’s market so hopefully it will grow into a nice little business for my egg-girl, Susie.

So local friends, come on out and support the kids! Susie has free-range eggs for $2.50 a dozen and Charlotte has fresh cut flowers for $.25 a piece.

So local friends, come on out and support the kids! Susie has free-range eggs for $2.50 a dozen and Charlotte has fresh cut flowers for $.25 a piece.