4 Wheeler Fence Runner

img_3453Jeremie and Tommy welded some posts onto the 4 wheeler to hold fencing supplies. This makes it so much easier when stepping in posts and running wire through the fields. And the 4 wheeler makes it so they are not walking miles back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. An engineer’s mind is always working!img_3450

Little Helpers

It is a lot of work, trailing littles behind you while you toil away at a task. They ask a lot of questions. They break a lot of things. They sometimes whine about the heat or the bugs. But these boys have proven that they have learned the skills Daddy has been teaching them all summer long. IMG_9924Fencing. Always needing to be moved. Always a hot job. But so necessary for the health of the herd. Rotational grazing helps keep parasites down in the animals. And gives the grass a chance to grow back before being chewed off repeatedly. Jimmy and Benja can work together to set up a grazing paddock for the cows by themselves. Some areas of the pasture are more wooded, so they need more help and direction. But here in the yard, by the pond it is wide open. So they stepped in the posts, ran the electric and got the cows to new, fresh grass. Jeremie may be well on the way to working himself out of a job!IMG_9934

Hogs in the woods

A while back me and the boys (the girls helped one day) got the fence installed in the woods to keep the hogs out of the front pasture. Too many hogs in too little space equals no grass. Hogs are strong little buggers. If you have a weak fence they will go right through it. A lot of the existing woven wire field fence is past its useable life. So I have been putting electric fence near the ground to keep pressure off the fences. The new fence line we installed goes down a hill then turns. Stretching woven wire fence when the ground is curved is difficult. The woven wire fence was hitting the electric strand and shorting out my fence. Thankfully I have a red light that goes on when the fence voltage is low. So I know I have to go look for a fault on the line. Jimmy helped me find it and fix it tonight. Every time it rains the leaves and sticks and dead trees wash down the hill and pile up on the electric fence causing shorts. Jimmy is getting really good at helping me with that job.

fence line north electrified, mostly

After clearing the fence line the other day I decided to try and get the electric fence run on that strip. Most of it is run. I ran out of nail in insulators. Once I get to the store and get some then I will be able to put the rest on and tighten up the line. Tommy was able to help me with this project. We were on the pasture side of the fence and he was watching carefully for the poison ivy. Tommy and I get a lot of work done together. Sometimes I have to look up in a tree to find out where my helper went tho. :)

This electric line will help me with mob grazing in the far pasture. Before I was using so many step in posts and poly wire to just get the electricity to the temporary paddocks.

I want to trench some water lines to the northeast corner of my property to make watering the cattle in the temp paddocks easier.

Fence Line Cleared

I cleared the north fence line from the east end of the garden to the gate at the northeast corner. 6 hours of wacking with my machete. A little bit of chainsaw work was also involved. Good thing I am not bothered by poison ivy. I saw lots of it. My faithful helper Tom was not able to help me with this chore. He loves machete work. Problem is that he could be 30 feet from poison ivy and he would start itching.

What we’ve been up to

Peach Leather… one of our favorite ways to preserve peaches. Ingredients? Peaches (a whole blenderful) and a dollop of honey. peach leather

Blueberries! Picking berries with friends. One of my favorite things to do. And visiting with our crazy friend, Mr Tom. This year, he sent us home with a small deep freezer. Isn’t he sweet? The berries were not the best this year. Usually we can pick about 12 gallons in an hour. This year it took us almost 2. He said with all this rain we’ve been having the berries are growing to fast and the skins are splitting. And he’s battling birds. He doesn’t want to spray and poison the berries and I can appreciate that :)berries 005

Installing a gate opener. No one will appreciate this more than Tommy. He is our resident gate opener. Numerous times he has been awoken from a deep sleep in the car to have to brave the elements, weather (ha!) it be rain or snow, to open the gate manually. Now with a mere touch of a button the gate smoothly opens itself. Except that with all the rain the post the gate is attached to has shifted and the gate started dragging on the ground, not a week after it’s installation. And except that someone accidentally washed the remote opener through the laundry. But I am sure after all that is fixed, it will be wonderful, lol! Jeremie went to town today and I was stuck at home because the gate doesn’t open manually anymore. I had to go out the side gate into woods to even take the kids for a walk in the stroller!gate 001