Off the pier

IMG_7248One of Jack’s favorite things to do here at the farm is to go fishing. There are lots of reeds and brush around the perimeter of our pond, so Jeremie has built this nice pier for us. But last year it was under water so much, the wood rotted away. IMG_7239In preparation for our family reunion, Jeremie bought wood and the kids helped him repair the deck. The kids exihibited great skills with the drill and saw! And they’ve been down there ever since, hoping for a biggun!  IMG_20170703_162729245

Our Staycation

IMG_5715Farm life is wonderful, but it doesn’t lend itself to frequent vacations. Good thing we are only about 30 minutes from Land Between the Lakes and all that has to offer.IMG_5934 We convinced Jeremie to leave all the work behind and come away with us for a long weekend! IMG_5703Honestly, it wasn’t all play and no work because he had to come back home every morning to feed the animals. IMG_5911But it was great to focus on connecting with the kids for a few days. We love to camp and this was a beautiful time of year to go. IMG_6064We had rain one night and the following morning, but everyone stayed dry.The tent only started to leak after everyone was awake for the day. IMG_6040Jeremie says that everything we did at the campground we could have done at home. But the kids and I felt that is was more fun to be in a different environment, without feeling the weight of what we “should be doing”. IMG_5954There was lots of fishing and rock throwing. Swimming, even though it was chilly.

This is what I do, who I am. Yes, my arms are almost always, literally, full.

This is what I do, who I am. Yes, my arms are almost always, literally, full.

Volleyball and swinging. Fires and s’mores.IMG_5883 Benjamin caught himself on fire. All the kids had huge torches made out of beeswax and cloth. But it was a simple spark from the campfire that landed on his polyester pant leg that caught fire. IMG_6225The excitement never ends around here :) IMG_6271

Spring has Sprung

It seems like only last week that we were sledding down the hill, enjoying 6 inches of snow. Oh wait, it was. Now, we are enjoying days of sunshine and new growth. Here’s how we have been welcoming in the spring.IMG_6558 Mia set up her hammock, one of her favorite Christmas gifts. She has been wanting one forever. Now she plans to soak up some sunshine, nap in the fresh air, hide away with a book, never to be seen again. Except the cows are very curious about what new play thing is in their pasture so they come up close and bother her.IMG_6521 Garlic, glad to finally enjoy the sun. They’ve been covered with snow far too long.IMG_6572 Jack went fishing with a real pole this time. As opposed to the stick that he loves to hang into the pond from the pier. Daddy thought today would be a good day, so he got out the real pole and helped Jack cast.  Look what he caught! Jack could fish every day, all day. If only he could find someone to recast his line for him, all day, every day. He asks, to be sure. But there are only so many volunteers. IMG_6504 The hens are laying again with a vengance. I saved so many eggs from last year, this winter I didn’t need to ever buy eggs from the store. I must have a lot of green egg those colors! Spring… a wet, muddy, rockin’ good time!

The Capp Crew

We were so excited to welcome our northern friends down to our southern homestead again this year! Joe is one of Tommy’s very best friends, something about their personalities just clicks. During this visit they were busy fishing (Joe was born with a fishing pole in his hands) and building a chipmunk trap. capp visit 029 capp visit 001The girls kept busy riding horses, entertaining little ones, baking tarts and in the evening we all went to an outdoor movie in the park. Their visit was too short, but we hope to see them again soon!capp visit 032