IMG_7477The kids have a volleyball net set up in the front yard and boy, it’s seen some use this summer! It’s a great game for all the kids to play, no matter how good or short or aggressive or tall or fast or slow they are. IMG_7485It’s not to strenuous, and it’s especially fun in the cool of the evenings. I’ve captured some fun action shots of previous games.IMG_7474

Summer fun!

IMG_7226Here at the Funny Farm we try to be intentional with our time. We do A LOT of work. But we also enjoy A LOT of fun. I think that’s why are kids are such cheerful workers. They realize we all do it together and then we all have fun together. IMG_7230We also believe in teaching life skills to all the kids. And we start ’em out young, lol! While they are working on a project that will result in hours of fun family time, it hardly seems like work or learning, but it is! Measure once, cut twice! IMG_7253

Of knot tying and cargo nets

IMG_9914A new addition to our jungle gym/obstacle course/ ninja warrior training grounds has been made. Susie, Charlotte, Benjamin, James and Tommy worked together to get all these pieces of rope tied together and hung between two towers. IMG_9918They watched a youtube video, learning how to tie the knots, then got to work. You can learn anything from youtube!

Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa

IMG_6164One of our favorite activities at Family Camp is playing Ga-Ga ball. I could lose the kids for hours while they played. It is fun for dads, big kids and little kids. It’s fun for boys and girls alike. We have had a heated debate whether skirts add an advantage or disadvantage. In our continued effort to turn our homestead into a theme park, we have added a new ga-ga ball pit to our list of attractions. It is built into the hillside, with a packed sand floor for now. Already it has provided countless hours of fun on the farm. We believe in working hard, followed by playing hard!IMG_6182

The Third

IMG_6234It was freezing. But that didn’t stop them. I saw bare feet. Must’ve been my kids. The fire reached sky high, literally. The cops didn’t come again, thankfully. Over 80 bodies in our double-wide trailer.IMG_6249 February 13th was the night of our “Schultz Shindig”. Our third annual celebration of life down south. We had some new faces this year. And we missed some old regulars. Nobody had a brush with death. No ears were blown off during the fireworks demonstration. No frostbitten toes playing GaGa ball barefoot.IMG_6245 There was uproarious singing on the hayride. Even some fabulous duets, I hear. We had special guests from the Deep South here with us tonight. Fun games, that everyone participated in. There were babies everywhere you turned. None so small as Ruthie was last year, though (2 weeks!). Some fantatstic food… homemade gnocci anyone??!! Too much cocoa, too much candy, just enough loudness, just enough laughter.IMG_6229 The kids didn’t get to bed til after 1. Mom and Dad much later. These are the nights you can’t sleep, despite the weariness. The kids regaled me with tales of who said what, what happened to whom… I love these times of enjoying the kids. We can laugh and giggle together. Sometimes it sounds more like shrieking and howling, holding our bellies so the laughter doesn’t break us in two!IMG_6224 We are so blessed that God answered our prayer so generously when we asked Him to grant us a warm, body of believers to fellowship with when we moved down here.IMG_6221

1941 Axis and Allies

Well we got this game for Christmas. It is quite a bit different than the original. So far we have setup the game and read the rules. We have not had a chance to play yet. Looks like it will not take quite as long as the original. We hope to get a AAA open source program to play over the internet with friends and relatives. http://triplea.sourceforge.net/mywiki