Lest you think too much of me and think I’m a supermom (which is ridiculous, by the way). Here’s a real life moment. Not one of my best. Gloria, who is 17 months old, loves to watch Baby Einstein. She will sit and watch as long as I let her. The farm one is her favorite, although she also loves the peek-a-boo one as well. Screen time for a baby!!??? I know it’s horrible. Just keepin’ it real, folks. IMG_5549

The bottomless pit

Usually I like to wait almost a year to introduce foods to babies. I just want to give their little insides enough time to develop before I ask them to digest foods. Especially foods like wheat or grain. Well, Gloria was having none of it. She was interested in food from an early age, watching intently every bite that went into my mouth. So when we put her in the high chair and gave her some watermelon from the garden she eagerly stuffed it into her mouth. Now she enjoys bananas, peas, pears, peaches… she is a bottomless pit. She drinks goat’s milk and water from a straw. She doesn’t seem to be having any allergy problems, so I guess her little tummy was ready. img_20160916_184212909_hdrShe is so happy to be sitting up by the rest of us at mealtimes. The other day I tried her on some scrambled egg, but that didn’t work out too well. Later that morning, I was just about to ask my friend’s opinion about feeding egg to babies, when I felt a gush of wetness run down my back. Gloria had just spewed her egg all over my back, the ergo, the floor and herself. Note to self…wait a couple months before reintroducing eggs. img_3571

A Little Cuteness to Brighten Your Day

IMG_2179Blogging time around here is scarce because there is such a yummy baby hanging around these parts. Oooooh, we all love to cuddle her! IMG_2135 

What fun headbands! IMG_2139Yes, she is a living doll. But I have to be quite honest with you all. More often Gloria can be found looking like this…IMG_2161Yes, dear readers, she is only happy and content while nursing or being cuddled in someones’ arms. No worries though, there are plenty of arms a’ waiting..IMG_2159


Did we just have a baby?! You’d never know it because I’ve been so remiss at posting baby pictures :) SO, here you go! IMG_1995 IMG_1912 IMG_2000Yes, Gloria is a baby that loves to be held. She can be sleeping so soundly, but the minute you put her down…wailing. Good thing we have lots of willing arms to cuddle her. She is changing so much every day.

Good things come to those who wait

And wait….And wait…We have waited for what seems like forever to welcome this new little one into our family! IMG_1668I was due with baby number 10 on December 16, but little Gloria decided to wait until Christmas morning to make an appearance! What a blessed gift she is!! Labor started at 4 in the morning and by the time Jeremie woke up around 8 or so, it was time to call the midwife. She made it here just about 10 minutes before the baby was born. Gloria was born at 10:30 am.  IMG_1719Perfect timing in my opinion. Labor was so manageable with the birth ball, hot water and Jeremie. And look at all the hair Gloria was born with! She is so aware, and has already smiled at her daddy. IMG_1700The kids are all thrilled with her, of course. It was hard for them to wait for her to be born. They knew I was in labor and for them, the hours before she was actually born were interminable. They felt it was taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r. IMG_1740But imagine their excitement to meet their new sister minutes after she entered the world. Gloria was a small baby, for me. She weighed 8#5oz. and was 20 inches long. And keeping in mind that she was over a week overdue and I’ve had a 10 pound baby before, I was pretty amazed at her size.IMG_1766 Praising the Lord for His goodness in sending new life to our home, and on such a special day, and with no complications, sweet babe. IMG_1770