Nuggets of Wisdom

IMG_0560I came away from the homeschool convention with a few nuggets of wisdom.

#1. Children need laps, not apps.

#2. Our goal is not to raise smart children. Our goal is to raise Godly parents for the next generation.

#3. The purpose of school is not to train our kids for more school. The purpose of school is to train kids for life.

#4. Find the way your child is smart. Then cultivate it into greatness.IMG_5178


I love that my children are super interested in whatever is happening around them. It gets messy sometimes. It sounds loud, often. But I believe their active, engaged minds will change the world!IMG_5835

Let’s get muddy!

IMG_4691One of my favorite things that Jeremie has made for me is the kids’ mud kitchen. I firmly believe in the necessity of outdoor, messy, creative play. According to this article, I’m not the only one who thinks that is important. IMG_4685

According to the Council for Learning, much greater importance and value should be placed on outside learning in the preschool years. They strongly support the hypothesis that outside learning fosters healthy and active lifestyle development. They believe it promotes a strong sense of well-being, freedom and independence; while simultaneously encourages respect of nature, the environment and animals.

On the menu...spring onion salad and last-of-the-winter-cabbage soup!

On the menu…spring onion salad and last-of-the-winter-cabbage soup!

Although It’s not only my preschool children who delight to concoct in the mud kitchen. We all, from Momma to baby, have been known to be mixing and simmering and cutting and dicing in this fabulous outdoor playspace! IMG_4677

The little car

IMG_2989We’ve had this little baby walker since Mia was born. It was bought second hand almost 18 years ago. All my babies have loved it. And now it’s Gloria’s turn. She can scoot all around the house in it, getting into all sorts of mischief. We call it the car. I like that it doesn’t have all sorts of toys hanging in her face. I hope it lasts through all my children. They just don’t make things to last like this anymore. IMG_2992

Feeding the crew

What’s the hardest thing about having a large family? Laundry? Nope. Cleaning? Nope. Clothing them? Nope. It’s the food. Really, folks. I have to be a food Nazi to keep our grocery budget from breaking the bank. Three hot meals a day and a snack. I have to say no 10,493 times a day to the question that begins with…”Can I have…” So, to make my life a little easier I told the kids that everyday I would post their snack choices on the dry erase board. No more asking for animal crackers. No more standing in front of the fridge rummaging around. This is just one small way to make my life a little easier and life more pleasant for everyone. IMG_3046

Growing pains

IMG_6115Being four is hard work, let me tell you. Being the youngest in a passel of boys is hard, too. Jack is sweet, cuddly, and oftentimes frustrated. Sometimes during the day I’ll assign an older sibling to play with him for 1/2 hour. When I don’t, Jack wanders around asking, “Who’s on me, who’s on me?” He loves to hug, and sit on my lap. And is so sad when my lap is sometimes already taken. He taught himself how to write his name and loves to play phonics bingo with the bigger boys. He takes an obscene delight in tormenting and teasing his little sister, Roo. She often tells me, “Jack naughty. Jack crying.” But he is gentle and kind with his other little sister, Gloria. When he wails in frustration I often think of a nursery rhyme that says something like “Little Jack roars”. He is a darling and we all love him to pieces. He won’t be four forever. IMG_5515


After much deliberation and prayer, Tommy has decided to enter into a courtship with a lovely girl named, Sylvia. Sylvia’s favorite thing to do is hang around my sewing room and visit with her new boyfriend. All the girls love their brother’s choice. She is a real doll. IMG_9262