Knitting Part Deux

Well, it’s seems I’ve been bitten again by the knitting bug. I just can’t resist all those cute little girlie patterns! Ruthie’s cardigan is finished, complete with blingy buttons. But she doesn’t like the buttons and tries to pull them off. I love the puffed sleeves and the dreamy aqua color. IMG_0559And this is soon to be a romper for the new babe. Everyone asks me “what is a romper?” It will be a one piece pants/jumper piece. Probably with ruffles on the bottom. See what I mean?… endless cuteness.IMG_0625


IMG_0473We girls had the house to ourselves (plus Jack) while the boys enjoyed some outdoor activity at Father Son Camp. So there was some serious crafting going on around here. In addition to horseback riding and baking, of course. Not a second of cooking or cleaning occurred, I”m very sorry to say… IMG_0472This is turning out to be a very cute cardigan for Roo. Susie is making a gift, so I can’t say what it is and Katie picked out fabric for not one, but two quilts. We found a great tutorial online and she couldn’t decide between all the cute fabric choices. Boy, can I relate! So she got them all :) IMG_0474Love having friends to craft with! Love being a mom to so many crafty girls!

What we’ve been up to…

timberlee 155

It’s quite the mess in there.

Working on the greenhouse. I feel like winter is just around the corner and I know I’ll be wanting to start some seeds in here soon. The animals have wreaked havoc on the siding so Jeremie has a lot of mending to do. And he is adding glass to the east side which should let it a lot more light. I have set a deadline for November 1 for it to be arranged such as that I can at least walk in there. Now that I’ve made that deadline public, perhaps there will be more pressure to complete the project? No nagging allowed.

Benja measuring boards for daddy.

Benja measuring boards for daddy.

Knitting again… I feel the nibbles of a knitting bug. Perhaps he only comes out in cooler weather? I love this little Milo sweater. This cute grey number is for a friend’s baby, hopefully arriving soon!


Helping out friends, selling soap at the farmer’s market. Girls manning the booth, so the mama’s could go to a “coffee meeting”.index

Maude, being a lazy bum! But we love her..timberlee 169Life has been a whirlwind of activity since we came home from camping. Friends, meeting, trips to Jackson, work, butchering, gardening. I feel like we jumped back into real life with 2 feet and a major splash!

A little help from some friends

Mia is entering a special kind of french bread, called an epi, in the fair this week.bread and  knitting 014 Some friends of ours are bakers, so she went over there one day to get some pointers. bread and  knitting 001While we were there, we helped out in any way we could.bread and  knitting 027 It was such a beautiful work space, so roomy, clean and bright.bread and  knitting 030 No little fingers or hands pinching off pieces of dough, lol! bread and  knitting 038

Then we headed next door, to some other friends for a quick knitting lesson. Mia is left handed and I have tried to help her knit, but since I am such a beginner, it wasn’t working too well.bread and  knitting 044 Beth has been knitting longer then I have been alive, so she was just the person to offer a helping hand. Beth is an Eskimo, who was raised hunting and eating seal, staying in an igloo, and has all kinds of neat, historical pictures and artifacts in her home. So we enjoyed looking at all her treasures while we were there as well. bread and  knitting 048

The big crafting post

Warning, if you are not into DIY crafts and homemade things this post will I have been waiting to write about all our projects going on around here til closer to Christmas because so many of our crafts will end up wrapped under a tree. But I am afraid I won’t remember next year what we’ve done or where I found the recipes/patterns. So I want to record that info for myself and any others interested. Every year the kids make salt dough ornaments and paint them. This year there is no tree to hang them on but they are still fun to make and give to others.diycrafts 002 diycrafts 006 diycrafts 010Next the kids made little cupcake ornaments out of cotton and pompoms. They didn’t turn out as cute as expected but maybe we’ll string them on a garland and they will look pretty.diycrafts 015diycrafts 026Then Mom has been working on making these cute clutches. They have dividers inside for checkbook and credit cards. diycrafts 019 diycrafts 017 And of course soapmaking, liquid and bar soap…(cute labels, huh?!)diycrafts 042and lotion making. I cant remember where online I found the lotion recipe but it took a long time to find one I liked. Most were too thick or too liquidy or too something. But I like to use 3/4 cup oil, 2T of beeswax, 1 cup aloe juice and essential oils. Mixed up in a blender it is nice and light and leaves your skin feeling silky and smelling pretty. diycrafts 022 diycrafts 025I also decided to whip up some cute messenger bags when I came across this tutorial online. diycrafts 034Even the boys decided they had to have one. They like to fill them with junk mail and play “postman”.diycrafts 037 Jack loves to fill his with paper scraps and a pencil and then whip them out during the day and scribble us a note. He wore it all day in town today and was just the funniest thing to watch. diycrafts 044Mia and Katie’s are a bigger size and are now filled with books and kindles etc. They are all a little different with buttons or different pin tucks or lining so they are easy to tell apart since we have 7 floating around our house.

I have also been knitting like mad working on little projects for our new baby on the way. The thing about me is that when I do something, I DO it. When I garden, I GARDEN and don’t think about much else. When I craft I CRAFT and everyone gets involved. It’s nice for me to have a “season” to do everything in. Come summer, I probably won’t craft or knit for months. But right now, we are enjoying our handmade items!

diycrafts 040 diycrafts 039 Just learned how to cable! Love it!diycrafts 038

wash and block

I finished a cute little dress for the new baby! It was fairly easy to knit up in just a few evenings. Jeremie and I had a long car trip to make today, so I finished it up in the car. Now I needed to wash and block it. First I soaked the dress in a bowl of cool water with a drop of baby soap. Don’t agitate, just swirl around. knitting 011I let it soak in there for around 20 min. Then I gently squeezed out excess water, never wring! knitting 012Lay it flat on a towel and roll it up. Then I stood on it to get out most of the moisture. knitting 013Next, lay it out on a padded surface.. I used an ironing board. knitting 015Pin it in place and wait for it to dry. I’ve never blocked anything before. I am a novice knitter. Before I started, the bottom of the dress was all curled up and you couldn’t see the eyelet detail at the bottom. After it’s dry, I hope it will lay flat and that you’ll be able to see it better. Nora, what do you think? And will I have to pin it in place to flatten it every time I wash it after this?

K1 Sl1 K2tog

I have been busy knitting a few things for our newest little baby girl.knitting 005Hats are always a quick knit and easy to do while listening to reading lessons or violin practice. I’ve also been working on a tunic. It’s all curled up now, but I love the buttery yellow alpaca yarn I got from the not-so-local yarn store. This piece should be great for growing into. First the baby can wear it as a dress/jumper then as a tunic as she grows.knitting 006I got totally confused with the pattern and had to go to the knitting ladies at the store for help. They couldn’t help me, but wished me luck and asked that I bring the finished product in to show them if I ever figured it out. I emailed the author of the book where I got the pattern, no help there. Then I asked my fabulous sister (why didn’t I think of that first?), and it took her less than a 1/2 hour to set me straight and direct me on how to finish the pockets. So I am back on track. But while I was searching for answers, I started a different tunic/jumper knit in the round. knitting 007This is easy mindless stuff that can be set down at a moment’s notice (perfect when someone calls for me to take care of an emergency in the bathroom!) and picked up again without losing my place. There will be a cute row of eyelet at the bottom that you can only see a glimpse of right now. This is the perfect project to keep my fingers busy while my mind veg’s out watching old re-runs online.