Tractor started for the first time in about a year.

What a process it has been. It was a glorious sound. I have to change the oil. Change the coolant. Change the transmission fluid, and then I should be in business. I can’t wait to get it into productive work. The boys have been my helpers. They flip the switches and push the start button for me. They run and get me tools. I would not have gotten it done without them.

It is a glorious day. I am inspired to work on my old truck. But I have a few more projects to do before I will get to that one.


When things sit

they develop all sorts of problems.

I tested the spark on the tractor with Benjamin’s help. It was non-existant. I went to Kough Equipment and bought all the stuff to rebuild the distributor. Put it all on with Tommy’s help. Still no spark. I should have bought a new coil while I was there.

When I parked the tractor, there was nothing wrong with the spark. Sitting out in the elements for a year without being run is not good for mechanical things. So now I get to fix the spark so that I can try and get anything else fixed that may be wrong.

I went back to Kough and bought the coil today. Hopefully tomorrow I will get it installed.


Hustler Raptor Zero Turn Mower

After spending all day Saturday trying to fix the troy bilt mower with briggs engine. And then doing some more research and trying again today to fix it, I decided it is time I give up on the fix em ups and get a real mower.

This mower mows so fast I will have more time to fix other things that need fixing around here, like my tractor. It has a 52″ cutting deck and goes 6.5MPH. 6.5 may not seem that fast, but it is cruising right along, especially when you are constantly doing a slalom course with trees and fence posts.

After mowing a few times I will have the hang of it start letting the kids mow. They are excited about it.

Stock Trailer Lights

I have put trailer lights on a number of times already. Somehow or other they have all gotten broken. I have been using magnetic trailer lights in the interim. They don’t always stick on like they should. I have a number of broken pairs.

We have friends from church that needed to borrow the trailer. I also needed to use the trailer on Monday night. So I decided to put on a pair of trailer lights that were actually attached to the trailer.

I found some angles to mount the lights to. Tommy, Benja, and I fished the wire through the trailer frame.Tommy and I mounted the lights.

Monday night came around and Katie was not feeling well so we did not go to horsemanship. So I guess my friend will get to use the trailer before me. I hope they don’t get broke before I get a chance to use them once.


Tractor Repair – Head Gasket

Back in the spring my tractor started overheating and when I refilled the radiator, water started coming out the exhaust manifold. I believe it blew a head gasket. Today I hope to take the head off and take it to a repair place to get a new gasket and get the head checked.

The block is from a 134 CI engine. But I believe that I read somewhere that the block from the 134 is the same as the block from a 172 CI, which is what my tractor is supposed to have. So I hope they have the larger head and it really is a 172 CI. Won’t know until I start tearing it apart.

I don’t really know what I am doing, so hopefully I won’t mess it up too badly.


1961 Ford 4000 Industrial with FEL

When I went to buy this tractor I had no real idea about how to operate a tractor. I purchased it in Feb of 2011. It was advertised as a 1964 4000 Industrial with front end loader (FEL). I knew I wanted a LIVE PTO. I knew from my research that a 1964 4000 had a live PTO.  I could not get anybody with tractor knowledge to come look at it with me, so I went myself. The price was cheap enough that I figured I could sell the bush hog and tires and scrap the rest and get my money back out of it just about.

It was dark when I went to see it, as you can tell from the pictures below. I had the owner drive it around for me and operate the PTO and FEL so that I knew it worked.

I paid the man extra to deliver it to me. I got the tractor and could not figure out how to get the PTO to go without the transmission engaging. So I started researching the tractor a  little more. I looked up the serial numbers and it turns out it is a 1961 model, which does not have a live PTO. It was also supposed to have a 172 CI engine. The serial number on the engine block was from a smaller engine, a 134 CI.

Lesson learned, never buy a tractor at night and look up the serial numbers to verify it is what they say it is. I knew I wanted a FEL and did not want to spend a whole lot on my first tractor so I could figure out what I really need in a tractor. So I believe this tractor will accomplish that. I hope to get my money back out of it when I go to sell it again and buy what I really want.

1961 Ford 4000 Industrial with FEL

Motor CONN 6015C -134 CI Gas
Trans Diff 310835
Ford Front End Loader 720 19-249 HD
m# 40303 172CI Gas pre 1963 Utility Light Industrial Four Speed w/ hydraulics and PTO
s# 149428 year 1961
Rear-IH14 CONN 4024 F

Night I bought it.