Every year Jeremie and I sit down and write up a plan of action. A to-do list for the year. Putting our goals down on paper is supposed to keep us motivated to keep on keeping on. This past year so many of the to-do items started off with “Fix….” or “Repair….” It seems repairing things to keep this place running is a full time job. I suppose it’s inevitable, what with 5 times the normal population, using and abusing things 😉 But in this first week of the new year, we actually got one of our items checked off our to-do list (albeit from last year, ha!).IMG_1859 Jeremie designed and Tommy built an automatic waterer for the rabbits. Jeremie will have to do a post with all the specifics. But I know that this project involved a stock tank heater, a toilet valve, pvc and a recycled (upcycled?) cooler. The water is continuously flowing through the pipe, so there is no danger of it freezing. Each cage has a metal nipple for the rabbits to drink out of. During “not freezing temps” we will be able to hook a hose up to the cooler so it will be automatically refilled. For now we simply refill the cooler. But that supply of water lasts quite a long time. Tommy also had to build a wooden shelf to hold the cooler of water. That thing gets pretty heavy when it’s full. Sure beats bringing in the old rabbit water bottles that used to hang on their cages and defrosting them in the sink and hauling them back out, only to find them frozen again a couple hours later. It’s so handy having an engineer/handy man for a husband and a handyman/engineer for a son!  IMG_1858

Form follows function

This is an architectural principle meaning that the purpose of something must be of more importance than the way it looks. Taking that to heart, and acknowledging my need for jar storage space, Jeremie built these shelves as our “back bathroom decoration statement”. Don’t you think this trend will catch on and take off? Maybe they will feature my bathroom on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens? Or Country Living! I’m holding my breath. shelves 001

What we’ve been up to…

timberlee 155

It’s quite the mess in there.

Working on the greenhouse. I feel like winter is just around the corner and I know I’ll be wanting to start some seeds in here soon. The animals have wreaked havoc on the siding so Jeremie has a lot of mending to do. And he is adding glass to the east side which should let it a lot more light. I have set a deadline for November 1 for it to be arranged such as that I can at least walk in there. Now that I’ve made that deadline public, perhaps there will be more pressure to complete the project? No nagging allowed.

Benja measuring boards for daddy.

Benja measuring boards for daddy.

Knitting again… I feel the nibbles of a knitting bug. Perhaps he only comes out in cooler weather? I love this little Milo sweater. This cute grey number is for a friend’s baby, hopefully arriving soon!


Helping out friends, selling soap at the farmer’s market. Girls manning the booth, so the mama’s could go to a “coffee meeting”.index

Maude, being a lazy bum! But we love her..timberlee 169Life has been a whirlwind of activity since we came home from camping. Friends, meeting, trips to Jackson, work, butchering, gardening. I feel like we jumped back into real life with 2 feet and a major splash!

Barn Painted

one less thing on the todo list

The kids helped me paint the long side a couple weeks ago.

I woke up early on Memorial day and decided to finish painting it.

The long side took 5 gallons, which is why I did not finish the front right away. I had to go to the store and buy 5 more gallons. The front took about 2.5 gallons. Old weathered wood really sucks up the paint.

I think it looks great.