An addict

Now that Roo is almost three we have been slowly phasing out her pacifier. Otherwise known as a bippie. Not just any bippie, either. Her “good bippie”. Not to be confused with her “bad bippie” or her “new bippie”. She only gets to have it during sleep time. But occasionallyimg_4044 I have found her hidden behind a door or behind the bed sneaking a few sucks. While I watch her unnoticed, she sucks it a couple seconds then puts it back up on my dresser. Crack baby.

Shy little princess

IMG_3208We took Ruthie to town in the hopes of seeing her favorite princess ever, Sofia the first. The streets were crawling with super heroes, villians and princess of all sorts. We caught a glimpse of a magical pumpkin carriage.IMG_3212 But, alas, no Sofia to be found. Ruthie doesn’t know who these other pretty ladies are, so she wasn’t really thrilled with them. She had a better time coloring than shooting selfies. IMG_3231Hot sun, big crowds, and long lines aren’t really our thing. It would’ve been worth it for a glimpse of Sofia, but as it was, merely a mildly amusing day in town.IMG_3203

Bits and Pieces

Katie was honored to perform her speech at the regional contest for 4H down in Lexington, Tn. Only 3 kids were asked to go from our county. The competition was fierce, but the experience was so valuable. Public speaking is always scary, but it gets easier every time and is such a great skill to possess. We hope our kids grow up to be bold speakers, able to communicate clearly. Through them, the world can be changed, people can be reached with the gospel, lives can be transformed.IMG_2114Ruthie has been growing by leaps and bounds it seems. She loves to clean and help around the farm. Recently she has insisted on washing the table after meals. Her short little arms don’t reach very far but she doesn’t let that stop her. She just climbs right up and wipes all the mess away 😉IMG_2106A couple of the girls received shrinky dink paper for Christmas. Far from the lame my little pony/colored pencil craft I remember from my childhood, there are all sorts of cool jewelry and stuff one can make with it. Recently they’ve been churning out everything monogrammed. I like the Southern quote, “if it’s not moving, monogram it”! IMG_20160213_160214913

She is a workhorse

IMG_1155She loves to clean. She loves to pick up. She loves to “wash” the floor. And most recently she loves to move leaf mulch in “her” wheelbarrow.

Pretty heavy, huh?!

Pretty heavy, huh?!

She sees everyone else working and wants to participate! Sometimes she trips and gets frustrated at obstacles in her way. Most often she races to get a new load to the coop. Dumping is the most fun, don’t you think? IMG_1203She is learning the lesson that work done together with a good attitude isn’t work at all, it’s play!IMG_1150 Charlotte is so patient to load her up, once again. And walk slowly to keep pace with Roo’s little legs. What a precious sight!IMG_1158

Ruth Ann update

IMG_3135Roo with ‘tude. She loves to reprimand others when we pray. She loves to raise her hands in praise when we sing the Doxology. She loves her baby, Sophia. She loves to stomp her feet and dance. She loves to carry her crazy kitty around.IMG_3119 She loves to pray for everyone by name. She loves to boss everyone around. She loves to organize mama’s sewing pins.IMG_2941 She doesn’t love to sleep in her own bed. She doesn’t love to sit in her high chair. She doesn’t love when mama speaks sternly to her. Her little lower lip trembles. We love our little darling Roo.IMG_3033


IMG_0464Looks like Roo is on a mission. To read in the solitude of the woods? To draw in her nature journal? IMG_0466Who can say? But I hope I never forget these days when her little personality is making itself known. IMG_0467“Bippie and a book and I”m good to go!”

FAO Schultz

We have been revamping our toy storage system. It seems we are always in a transition mode with littles getting bigger, middles getting bigger, bigs getting bigger. Sometimes we need baby toys out. Sometimes we need little girl toys out. Sometimes we need big boy toys out. It is a constant carousel. Some of my kids, like Tommy, never played with “toys” so we didn’t have a lot of boy toys in the rotation until recently. Tommy’s toys were wires, batteries and light bulbs.IMG_8833 But now that Roo is getting to be a little older we have packed up her baby toys and made the dollhouse, baby dolls and play food readily accessible. And boy is she loving it. And we are too! I had forgotten how much fun it is to set up a picnic, take the baby dolls for walks in the little stroller and all this little girl stuff. Yes, my house has more toys than FAO Schwarz. But I’m ok with that for now.